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29 Jul

Meet Bluestaeb, the Man Who Stole Our Hearts with His Funky Grooves

Paris-based producer Bluestaeb, friends call him Leon, is with no doubt our current favorite producer. We assure you, this guy takes neo-soul and r&b to higher levels! Back in June he released his third album,’Everything is always a process‘. The record has everything you need for a perfect Sunday afternoon. We just love to end our week with the right groove, especially when it’s that funky vibe that immediately gets you moving. Of course, we had to interview this up-and-coming talent.

Bluestaeb, congrats on your album Everything is always a process. We are hooked!  First off, tell us a bit about the title.

Thank you, it has been quite a journey. I was (and still am) searching for new ways to merge live instrumentation with the sound that I created before. But overall, the title also represents the way I look at stuff in life. For me, this album doesn’t necessarily feel like a finished product. My intention is to show where I am going and to give a glimpse of what might come next.

You’ve moved from Berlin (your hometown) to Paris? How did that influence your music?

When I moved to Paris I felt very free, musically. I was able to leave behind the things that stopped me from getting creative with my music back in Berlin. I met a few jazz musicians and beat makers in Paris and started having sessions in many different studios. That really shaped the sound of the album, being able to switch from bedroom-beat-making to producing and having sessions with bassists, pianists etc.

So in which of the two cities do you feel most at home/at your best?

I can’t really tell, Paris still feels like the right city for me to live in at the moment because I am really happy to be there each time I come back from touring etc. But returning to Berlin sooner or later is an option as well. Berlin and a lot of people I met just felt really “fake” to me in the last few years. Therefore, I needed a change of setting. But since I was born in Berlin, I will always represent.

The record is very neo-soul influenced. What inspired you? We’re guessing a lot of old music?

Yes, old music is definitely an inspiration. Then again, I also enjoy a lot of the stuff that comes out nowadays. I don’t like the idea that artists should completely lock themselves up during the creation of an album to create a “pure” sound or whatever. As a musician, you are always inspired by everything that happens around you. Musically, what inspired me is definitely the sound of Los Angeles and London and many many Tiny Desk Sessions *laughs*


And what about vinyls? As a neo-soul lover, you must be into those? 

Actually, I am not as much into vinyls and crate digging as a lot of people might think. In fact, my collection isn’t that big at all. Sometimes I’ll look for specific samples/grooves, but that happens maybe 3-4 times a year only. One of my favorite records I have on vinyl is probably Los Angeles – Flying Lotus. At the moment I can’t stop playing the new Habibi Funk record, Kamal Keila – Muslims And Christians.

Flying Lotus is definitely one to love. Speaking of which, are there any artists you’d love to have on a next Bluestaeb project?

Hm, one of my favorite artists of all time is Iman Omari. Other artists that come to my mind right now are Little Simz, Mick Jenkins and Syd.

Last but not least, you’re about to go on tour in September and October. So, did you start prepping yet?

Yep, I am currently working on my live set to make it more creative and fun. Hence, I’ll play more and more elements (keys, synth, etc.) live as well to match the vibe of the new album. We have a few destinations fixed in the UK, Germany, Austria and France already. I am working on getting shows in Belgium, Norway and Switzerland as well. We’ll announce the dates very soon!

We’ll definitely keep our eyes open for that! Thanks for the interview.

In the meantime, we suggest you listen to Bluestaeb’s album. Or twice. Or the whole day long, just like we’re about to do.

Our favorite picks are 4. “Left & Right” (bouncy, up-tempo amazingness) and 10.Alright” (suave, Latin groove with an electronic twist)

And oh, while you’re here, go follow the kind and humble Leon on his Soundcloud page. 


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