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22 Jul

Interview: Sabrina Claudio Told Us Why ‘Based on a Feeling’ Is Her Most Personal Project Yet

While most pop stars are breaking through these days thanks to TikTok, American singer Sabrina Claudio owes her success to the music platform SoundCloud. She has since released several projects, of which her album ‘Based on a Feeling’ was the most recent. With that album, she is now touring festivals and concert halls, which was the ideal opportunity to sit down for a chat with the immensely talented singer.

How is it to finally tour your new album Based on a Feeling after creating the project during quarantine?

It’s funny because I created this album last year, in May 2021, after taking a two-year break. The two-year break was hard because I wasn’t able to perform. Creating and releasing music has no point if I’m not able to perform it, so I’m happy that I released it when I did. Now, I get to tour the world, which is so surreal. I get to be here with people that may or may not know who I am. They came to the show anyway and received it, so I’m really excited to be here.

Is it inspiring for you to be in a different place every day?

Absolutely. I get inspired so easily by different things, experiences, and meeting people. Just being out of the house, especially out of the country, is so inspiring because I get to see what the rest of the world has to offer. You live in your bubble sometimes and forget that there’s so much more to everything than there is in your little bubble. Every little thing can inspire, even this experience. I will go back, and it will inspire me to try to create something new. Whether or not it’s based on something I’ve experienced here—it’s more the emotion that I take home from being on the road.

What was the key emotion during the writing process of Based on a Feeling?

That’s a great question. I would say that I was very proud of myself for being able to get through the lack of inspiration and motivation that I was feeling throughout the two years. I was proud to go into the studio, proud of the album I was making, both lyrically and melodically, and proud of the people I wrote it with. Overall, when I listen to Based on a Feeling or perform it, I just remember and feel that emotion every single time. I feel so connected to it.

How do you usually work on a song? Do you start with melodies or lyrics?

I definitely need to start production from scratch, and I’m actually very introverted when I’m writing. I’ll be in the corner on my phone—and a lot of people probably think I’m on social media—but the truth is that I’m writing the whole song in my head. Chances are that I start with lyrics and try to fit them with a melody that goes with the production. Everything really is based on what I’m feeling when I’m creating. I don’t go into the room with an idea in mind; it needs to come from whatever we’re creating at the moment.

How is it to perform these songs in front of so many people knowing that the songs are written in such an introverted, personal way? 

The thing is, when I do write, my writing process is very introverted, but conceptually, my music is normally written from other people’s stories. With this album, I was forced to write from personal experiences because of these two years of isolation that we all went through. When I get on stage, I almost get more excited to perform them because I hope people would hear them and relate to them. I write music for people mainly, so it’s exciting to perform these songs and see that it tells the story of other people, too, since they can relate to it.

Would you say that you’re a different artist now because of your break and having to adapt your way of writing?

I would say in the sense of having to write from personal experiences because, prior to that, I would be almost against it. I was such a private person that even being in the studio and letting other people know what was going on in my head was not good for me. The isolation pushed and forced me out of my comfort zone. In that way, I’m different because I’ve reached another level of songwriting that I didn’t know I was capable of. Listening back to the album, it’s probably my favorite album that I released because of how personal it is to me.

You’re heading on a big tour throughout the US and Europe with the album. What can we expect from the tour?

Festival shows are amazing, but the tour shows are something completely different.

Are you maybe more at ease?

There’s a little bit more pressure, but I think the ease comes from knowing the crowd that’s going to come. Festivals are a bit more random, and you never know how many people will show up. With the tour show, people buy their tickets to come and see that person. That’s some stress you take off your shoulders. 

In general, I would say that you can expect really nice music. My band is absolutely incredible. The funny thing is that when you listen to my music on streaming platforms, it’s one vibe. Live it’s going to be a completely different energy that people don’t really expect, and I give all credit to my band because they’re absolutely incredible. You’re going to hear your favorite songs, and we’re all going to experience them together in a different way, in your own world or bubble.

‘Based on a Feeling’ is out now on all platforms

Pictures by Robin Joris Dullers

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