Maxim Meyer-Horn

29 Jan

Interview Sea Girls: “They’re Going to Sell Guitars for Ever”

Are you as much in love with guitars as we are? Well, get to know the British band Sea Girl. 2019 was a big year for the London-based four-piece and 2020 promises to be even better. Their latest single “Ready For More” just came out, so it’s time to introduce Henry, Rory, Andrew and Oli to you.

We’ve heard something that caught our attention. Is it true that everyone played an other instrument before this became the final formation?

Yeah, a long time ago, we’ve all played everything in bands. We’ve all been singers for example, or Andrew played the synthesizer, while Henry was on bass. We’ve kind of slowly reached this form, which could be the final form.

Your previous song “Damage Done” sounds like a euphoric stadium anthem. Is it your ambition to play in a stadium one day?

Our ambition is to play wherever we can play. We just love to play all kinds of shows and there’s no limit. We’re not like: “Oh no, we only wanna play in little venues.” It’s just awesome playing live, to as many people as we can play to. When you get this energy of loads of people, it gives you an amazing feeling.

One year ago, you were the only selected rock band in BBC’s Sound of 2019. Were you flattered because wou were the only rock band?

Absolutely, but maybe a bit sad as well. There’s an amazing scene, so it’s great to be recognized for anything. When anyone likes you, it’s really nice.

Was it worrying that you were the only selected rock band?

It’s a very small list and you can think that, but when you go to Spotify and go to the ‘Rock Playlist’, everything on there is amazing. There’s a very big scene with lots of great festivals.

So rock isn’t dead at all?

No, you know, it’s constantly changing, but they’re going to sell guitars for ever.

Did you feel that something big could happen when you did these smaller gigs?

We’ve always been slowly moving up, so we always had the impression it would get bigger and bigger. Every step we take is a pleasant surprise and makes us excited for what’s to come next. We just take every moment as it comes and enjoy it. We’re not wishing our lives away and think: “I can’t wait for the stadiums.” We’re just so much in the moment.

You’re playing a lot of new songs, but haven’t released an album. When can we expect the big debut?

We always put out regular songs from day one and we’ll keep doing that. We record all the time, so it’s a bit like a river or a sea. (Pun was intended). We’re testing our talents and have very different songs. It will be coming very soon.

A debut album is very special because you show yourself for the first time. Is there something specific you want to show?

We want to show a spectrum of our sounds and try to create a platform from where we can grow. At the end of the day, we just love great songs and we hope that’s what we’re making. However that comes, that’s what we want to put out. Our influences range from big bands to artists like Nick Cave or Lana Del Rey. We want to create a world of music and put out what we like.

Is there maybe a genre that hasn’t been associated with Sea Girls that really inspires you?

Melody-wise maybe not so, because we’re essentially a rock band and love to play high energy shows. Since, we’re songwriters and songwriting is about different structures and formats to play with. You can get inspired by so many things, so we’re inspired by acts like Laura Marling or Lana Del Rey.

What do you want people to memorize after hearing your music or a gig?

Goods songs and a good show. We just hope that what we do, makes people feel some kind of way.

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