12 Apr

Interview: Todiefor and Shoeba Told Us Everything About Their Hit ‘Signals’

Todiefor aka Luca Pecoraro is one of Belgium’s biggest producers of the moment and already has millions of streams on Spotify. After performing at huge festivals such as Rock Werchter or Pukkelpop, the Brussels-based artist was looking for a new challenge and finally found it. Together with the Romanian duo Shoeba (Dorian Micu and Andrei Mihai) and Belgium’s biggest rapper Roméo Elvis, Todiefor has a new fun single out. A couple of days ago, we caught up with Luca, Dorian and Andrei to talk about their collab. Put on your dancing shoes, because we’re introducing you to the next big dance floor banger called “Signals”.

Congratulations on your single “Signals”. How happy are you with the song?

Luca: We’re really happy with the result and are happy with the feedback that we’re reading and hearing.

Dorian: Yeah indeed. We’ve been getting lots of love and messages the past few days and that’s why we’re doing this.

It’s the debut single of Shoeba. Weren’t you afraid of introducing yourself?

Dorian: No, not at all! We really trust our product and think people can relate to it, so we’re happy that it got a lot of streams. We’re more excited than afraid.

“Signals” is a very special song because it’s a fusion of many genres like electro, funk, EDM and hip hop. How was it to melt all those genres together?

Andrei: It all started with Dorian and me. We’ve worked on the demo track which had a very groovy bassline and a rather Latin-orientated beat. We both wanted it to have a very urban style, so the first verse, where Dorian sings, sounds really fresh. Dorian and I sent it to Luca, who wanted to work on it and finish it. I think we did a great job in merging different sounds, ’cause all our sounds are in there.

Dorian: It came naturally and that was really important for the feel of the song.

You all come from a different genre or country. How did that all come about?

Luca: We’ve known each other for almost three years as we worked together on previous projects. They showed me the beat and I was like: ‘Let’s do this!’. We actually finished the song in different countries and we’re asking ourselves if we’re done. I was touring with Roméo at that time and quickly recorded his verse for it. The song was finally mixed in Sao Paulo, so you can imagine that the song travelled a lot.

What makes this single for you a real hit?

Luca: The bassline is extremely catchy and the vocals flow really naturally. At first, you might think that the drop is a bit weird, but after a couple of times you’ll really understand it and really love it. The song can cross borders, because everybody can dance to it.

Andrei: The song also has a real vibe people can easily connect with. When you play it at a club or a festival, I think people automatically bounce with the song…

Dorian: You can relate to it and it captures a natural feeling. You can listen to it in a club, while you’re running, etc… It’s just a positive, energetic and uplifting song.

Luca, you’ve performed at Rock Werchter last summer, which is one of the biggest festivals in Europa. Are there any other goals on your bucket list?

Luca: When you’re making electronic music, your goal is automatically Tomorrowland. I haven’t played there, but I hope that’ll change soon. Also going more abroad and playing more internationally is something I really want to do. Rock Werchter was already an adventure for me as I was one of the only french speaking acts on the festivals…

What are your plans when it comes to performing, Shoeba?

Andrei: Dorian has  his own project in Romania and has really big songs there, but we’ve never performed in this formation yet.

Dorian: All we need for a show is a stage and we’ll have a good time together with our audience.

Any other plans?

Dorian: We’ll definitely work on the Shoeba-sound and we’ll do anything so that 2019 will be the Shoeba-year.

Luca: Well… we still have some surprises coming your way very soon. We have some cool international acts that will be part of the remixes of “Signals”. I think, people might be a little bit surprised when they hear who’ll be on it…

You made us curious! We can’t wait to hear it and we’ll hope to hear more of you all soon!


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