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6 Dec

Interview: Uffie Surprises with AR Experience for New Song ‘Ego’

Before Charli XCX entered the alternative pop game, it was the American singer Uffie that had people dancing on her crazy dance music. Shortly after the release of her first album ‘Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans’, Uffie went on a hiatus to start a family. Now, she’s finally back and still surprises us with her new projects. To celebrate the release of her new song ‘Ego’, which comes with an app that will make it a real AR experience, we asked Uffie some questions about the project.

You’re currently one of the most interesting alternative pop artists we know. How did you discover your sound?

Why thank you. I grew up all around the world, and I think being exposed to so many different sounds and cultures had a big impact. I’ve got a love of poetry, hip-hop, and old records which have all had an influence as well. I started making music in Paris during a very special time, which definitely shaped my sound’s core. 

You’ve collaborated with the pop icon Charli XCX. How was it working with her on “Babygirl”?

Charli is such a little boss. She’s got incredible energy and it was a really fun track to work on.

You’re releasing “Ego”. What’s the song about?

I almost hesitated to call “Ego” a song… it was such an experience and journey making it. The song is about Ego, Shadow, and Self (a continuation of what the actual marble statue is based on). I wanted to capture the three layers through different sections that together make a whole. I’d discussed the project with a friend, Ariel Pink, who recorded this beautiful 5 or so minute guitar piece. I brought in two other producers as well, and we all spent two days experimenting with sounds and sections and layers. It’s one of the “strangest” pieces I’ve made, but also one that I love the most. It left us all feeling some ways…

The song uses AR to make it a full experience. Where did that idea come from?

As it’s not possible to share the actual physical form of that statue, we wanted fans to be able to experience and interact with our collaboration, and the AR exhibition was born.

The song comes with an app. Tell us more about the app and working with Jam Sutton.

Jam is an incredible artist, and so multifaceted. He came up with the idea of collaborating on a statue, and during spring 2019 I took a trip to London to start the process. Jam is the sweetest, and it was incredibly interesting to see and be a part of his creative process. During that trip we did the 3D scanning and discussed ego and duality, drawing as well from Carl Yung’s Ego, Self, Shadow.  

I wanted the audience to completely lose themselves in the experience, and to create a sound that echoed from the statue through the marble. It was important to carry over that primal state that we are at our core underneath it all.

Can we expect even more similar projects from you in the future?

Definitely. I loved the process of this collaboration, as well in the shift of how I make music. It was challenging and refreshing at the same time, and I will continue to do projects like this in different shapes. 

“Ego” is now available on Spotify. The augmented reality experience is available on the ‘Jam Sutton Studio’ app on the App Store and Google Play. 

Pictures by Ashley Osborn.

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