Maxim Meyer-Horn

24 Jul 2019

Vendredi Sur Mer: “Music Is Closer to Us Than Ever Before”

The French music scene always had a special place in our hearts. Artists like Stromae, Edith Piaf or Angèle belong to our favorite artists, just like the upcoming Swiss project Vendredi Sur Mer. With a big fan base in the French-speaking parts of the world, her debut album ‘Premiers émois’ was embraced by many people and became one of the biggest French albums by a female singer this year. Right before her show at DOUR, we talked to Charline Mignot, the brain behind Vendredi Sur Mer.

Hi Charline, not too nervous before the show?

No, not really. Actually, I’m never really nervous and am rather excited to be here. I’ve arrived earlier today and was surprised by how big the festival actually is.

You’ve recently released your debut album Premiers émois. How do you feel about the album after the hype settled down a bit?

I’m extremely happy! I’ve had the chance to perform at a lot of festivals this summer, which is really cool. I met a lot of people that I didn’t know before and that’s something I really love doing.

You’re a very visual artist and always bring a big show. Where do all the ideas come from?

Actually, I have my dancers since the first performance I ever did, but I have added some musicians to the show just two months ago. It’s all new and fresh, but I’ve chosen to keep my dancers because I love to tell stories with my songs in very different ways. Each song has a different emotion, so the dancers really accentuate that.

You make music that is very unique to us. Is it difficult for you to bring all these different things together?

No, absolutely not. In this new wave of artists, we don’t have any limits when it comes to music. Rap music can have influences from pop, electronic or even rock and vice versa. We feed ourself with many different genres, and that’s extremely interesting to me. Music is closer to us than ever before, because we can make music all by ourself. My first ever song I put on YouTube, was recorded with my iPhone, but you don’t specifically hear that. We all have access to music and it would be stupid to limit ourself to one genre.

You’ve released the incredibly fun clip for your single “Chewing-gum” a few days ago. What’s the story behind the clip?

The song and the video tell the story of your first love. To be more specific, it’s the story of my first love. In the clip you have Elias, who plays my first love, and just me. I wanted to make something simple, where you clearly understand the narrative. In the video, I revive the feeling of my first love and I create this sort of fantasy around it.

Is Vendredi Sur Mer in your opinion more a stage character or is it 100% Charline?

At the end, Vendredi Sur Mer stays a character, but I think that’s the case for every artist nowadays. It isn’t necessarily calculated, because I think it just happened naturally when you’re on stage or making a music video. For me, Vendredi Sur Mer isn’t that far away from my personal character…

Your first album is out, but are you already thinking of your second one?

I’m still thinking about it… It’s starting to come together in my head, but there isn’t anything concrete yet.

Thanks a lot, Charline!




Photo by écoute chérie

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