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Interview: We Had a Drink With Eltipo at the Bombay ‘Be Part of Art’ Event in Antwerp

Last week, Bombay organized a special event in Antwerp, called ‘Be Part of Art’, in order to support upcoming artists and art institutes. It was an inspiring get-together where ideas were shared and unique cocktails were created, based on several artists’ work.

The one artist that could not be missed at the event was the Antwerp-based Eltipo. He’s known for the large artwork he made for Bombay in front of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and he recently also co-designed a special glass with the famous gin brand. We got the opportunity to share a drink with Eltipo and ask a few questions about his work and career.

How would you describe your approach to design/art? 

My work is strongly based on typography. Typography is a visual representation of language and therefore can evoke different emotions. I try to find a connection between the artwork and the viewer and translate a certain message. This can be a phrase, a word, or just letters. Most recently I’m exploring the boundaries of legibility and even going further away from letters, where these become abstract elements to create a certain atmosphere.

Who or what has been the biggest influence in your career as a designer/artist? 

As a child, I grew up in my father’s car body shop. At this young age, I observed him working with his hands, doing everything on his own: fixing mechanics, dent repair, painting, etc … It’s this hands-on mentality that stimulates me to create new things and be independent.


Bombay Be Part of Art
Bombay Be Part of Art

What project did you enjoy working on the most? 

Last year I had the opportunity to work with Bombay Sapphire for their campaign about the new Bombay Bramble gin. They asked me to design and spray paint a 253-square-meter billboard at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The location itself is legendary, so to be able to paint in front of the museum was a true honor. It was quite challenging to finish the artwork in October with the Belgian weather, but luckily, I had some assistance from my colleague RiseOne, and it took us about seven days without rain to finish.

To build on this successful collab, I’ve designed a glass for Bombay Sapphire this year. Make sure to keep an eye out in Belgian bars, and who knows, maybe you’ll be served a G&T in an original, limited edition Eltipo glass?

Bombay Be Part of Art

What would you say is your strongest skill? 

It’s probably my weakness as well, which is doubtful. As a person, I question a lot as well in life as in my work. I’m not easily satisfied, which makes it hard to choose if one option would be better than another one. But by doing so and questioning, it elevates the work to a higher level.

What are you currently fascinated by, and how is this feeding into your work? 

Crafts, techniques, and materials. It’s something I’ve always been fascinated by and will always be.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? 

The best investment anyone can do is to invest in themselves. Not only money, but especially time. Time isn’t money; it’s priceless. We only have a limited amount of it, so spend it wisely.

Bombay Be Part of Art
Bombay Be Part of Art

Photo credits: Bombay and Irmy Photography

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