Maxim Meyer-Horn

4 Jul

Interview: Yungblud Is The Messiah Of The New Pop Rock Generation

Yungblud isn’t just an artist, he’s the leader of a new generation of pop rock, that is quickly rising to the top. Since his debut in 2017, he’s come a long way. He started performing in small clubs for a handful of people. Nowadays, he’s selling out big rooms and plays on the biggest festival stages in the world. Ahead of his performance on the Main Stage of Rock Werchter, we sat down with the 21-year-old rising superstar and reflected on everything that happened in the last year.

Hi Yungblud, you’re in our opinion a perfect fit with our magazine because an ‘enfant terrible’ is someone who’s moving things by being himself. Do you consider yourself an ‘enfant terrible’?

Yeah, absolutely man! Why fit in when you’re born to stand out…

You’re very loud and aren’t afraid to make political and gender-related statements. Is that important for you since you have a very young following?

Definitely! I can only write what’s a representation of our generation or about what I know. When people ask me why I am so political, I always tell them it’s because we don’t really have a choice. If you’d ask a young person five years ago about if they’re into politics, they would probably say that they aren’t. I think we realized that we have the power to change in terms that if we actually give a fuck and want to be informed about what’s going on. Now, it’s cool to challenge people because we feel we can, and because we have faith in ourself. Division is old-fashioned.

You also definitely inspire all the kids that are coming out on the street for climate…

I love them! I fucking love them! People asked me what’s the difference between our generation and the generation twenty years ago, we genuinely try to get informed and use social media to learn, grow and communicate globally. We’re very lucky, we can do that. We just understand that’s more than okay to give a fuck!

But do you feel any kind of pressure because so many kids are listening to what you say?

Someone just asked me a minute ago if I feel like I’m the voice of a generation. But no, I’m just one of the voices. At the end, Yungblud isn’t me and them, it’s being us. I’m just 50% of what Yungblud is, the rest is a movement and what you were just talking about. The reluctance to be conformed to what society wants to put you in while you just want to be yourself.

You base your songs on true stories. What was the idea behind “11 minutes”?

It was just a story I was really moved by. It’s the tragedy of a young, modern-age couple who felt they had to split up because of the way society puts pressure on those two to achieve in life. Then, they want to get back together a year later but the girl was killed in a car accident…

Your latest single “Parents” is a song with a strong message against conservatism and homophobia…

Completely and that’s it! Interpreting the song wrongly is saying that I’m a brighter kid and my parents aren’t right. I’m not that naive, we’re not that naive! The song is a metaphor for how a generation looks at us and no, we’re not that stupid or uninformed. It’s about people misjudging us for being who we are. I want to be outrageous, catch people’s ears and I want to talk about my fan base, the people I’ve met. In this world, no matter what your sexuality is, your skin tone, your religion or the things you believe in, we’re fucking united because we’re all humans. The future’s bright because we’re in it.

You seem to be in a happy place now, because you have a smash album, perform on big stages and found love with Halsey. Are you afraid you might lose any of that?

Of course I get afraid sometimes, but at the end of the day as long as I stay myself, be real and speak to my community, I don’t have anything to worry about.

Thank you so much, Yungblud. You’re truly an inspiration, so stay yourself!

Yungblud will perform live on October 28th and 29th at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. 


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