17 Jan

It’s Bright and It’s Bold: SEBNEMGUNAY

‘Wear your smile’ is the name the first SEBNEMGUNAY collection. When having a quick look at the images, there’s no doubt about why the word smile is involved. They recall forgotten childhood memories, these moments when stayed in the nearest candy store for hours to spend your pocket money. But don’t be mistaken by the amount of sweetness. It’s pastel and fun but not in a typical girl next door way. The candy colors are wrapped in bold and oversized shapes that add a necessary coolness to the collection. 

The items are inspired by 80’s and 90’s street style from London and iconic hiphop artists from the beginning of this century. Underlying concept is “I am what I feel”, everything is easy-to-wear and comfortable. Therefore, most pieces just come in one size. The collection is designed to empower everyone to wear a colorful and comfortable outfit without having to think about it for too long. Sometimes you just need to keep things simple…

About the designer

The name of the brand is simply an aggregation of Sebnem Günay, a Belgian girl with Turkish roots. At the age of nineteen Sebnem moved from a small village called Beringen to Turkey in order to pursue her dream: building a career in fashion. She studied at the Istanbul Moda Academy, with success. Her senior project ‘New Gen’ was chosen to open Istanbul Fashion Week and she won the Best Design Award at the Who’s Next fair in Paris. In March 2018 Sebnem will present her next collection during Istanbul Fashion Week. 

 Where to find it?

The ‘Wear Your Smile’ collection is for sale via the SEBNEMGUNAY webshop. To get inspired you can follow the brand via FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Photo credits: Elien Jansen
More info: www.sebnemgunay.eu

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