Claudia Crovato

15 Dec

Hip-Hop Talent from Scandinavia : Ivan Ave

What’s the first thing you think about when we say Scandinavia? Chances are that IKEA, Scandinavian interior design, lingonberries and the “Hygge” lifestyle are the first things to pop in your mind. But what if we tell you Scandinavia has some  hip-hop talent to offer? This time we’re traveling all the way up to Norway to introduce you to our latest musical crush: Ivan Ave.


Oslo based rapper, Ivan Ave, is what you need in your life right now. His sound is clearly influenced by old school R&B and 70’s soul but with a more contemporary, global twist. The bouncy drums and groovy bass lines make every song ultra catchy and they never bore at any moment.

Big names

Ave has been making moves, partnering up with some really big names in the music industry. A collab with producers such as Mndsgn, Illa J, FloFilz… you name it. “Also”, co-produced by Kaytranada  is one that really stood out to us. Be sure you check out the visuals of their ultra smooth and mellowy track.

“Every Eye”

His sophomore album,‘Every Eye‘ released on November 10th through the German based label, Jakarta Records. Fabulously smooth from start to finish, the album has a laid-back L.A vibe to it. The lyrics, on the other hand, somehow force you to pay close attention. It’s all about perspective in life as he tries to make us see the world through different lenses. The whole album seems to be the perfect mixture between funky, fun tunes and deep thoughts. Our personal favorite is the opening track: Now You See Me.

Versatile lyricist

Ave’s rich vocabulary and excellent wordplay will have you philosophizing about every aspect in life. He discusses self-consciousness, love, thoughts about the future and even politics.  It’s safe to say he has positioned himself as lyricist who’s got many stories to tell. We’re more than happy that there are still artists out there providing us with poetic rap instead of sticking to superficial lyrics.

Dig in !

Who would have thought we would find this kind of talent in the cold, cold north ? We highly suggest you go check it out for yourself on his souncloud page  Oh yeah, one more detail: you might want to wait till after work to dig in because his mellow music is 100 % chill-proof.

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