Jay-Z's Latest Video Drops Made Us Obsessed Again


26 Dec

Jay-Z’s Latest Video Drops Are Our New Obsession

To end his North American tour, Jay-Z dropped 3 new videos from his latest album 4:44.

It has been a while since Sean Carter blessed us with his hip-hop ballads filled with life lessons. And now here he is, taking back what was his all along, the throne. If you have a monthly subscription at Tidal, you certainly got the full experience first. But for others (us) relying on YouTube, we just waited. In 24 hours, The King of Rap released ‘Legacy‘ (starring Ron Perlman), ‘Marcy me‘, followed by ‘Smile‘. In ‘Smile’, featuring Gloria Carter, Jay did something many rappers usually wouldn’t do. He shared his mother’s sexual orientation with the entire world. Yes, she’s a lesbian. So what?

We have to say, that song is what triggered us to watch all the brand-new Jay-Z videos. In the end, we found ourselves obsessed. Because he sounded just like the old sincere Jay-Z we love.

Without further ado, here is Jay’s trilogy we’re talking about. Listen very carefully and have a decent look at the scenes. However, you might need some popcorn, drinks, and tissues because this Jay-Z session is intense. But definitely worth the watch!





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