4 Apr

JeanJass Talks About His Music, Streetwear, and His Campaign With Zalando

Belgian rapper and sneakerhead JeanJass is the face of Zalando‘s new campaign ‘Go Noticed’. The campaign highlights the rapper’s unique personality and his relationship with streetwear. We had the chance to talk to the Belgian artist about his music, streetwear, and Zalando.

You’ve been active in the rap scene for over a decade. How do you look back on your first few steps as an artist?

We’ve come a long way since we started. I’m proud of the work we’ve done, but I still have a lot of songs for you to hear. The desire and the passion are still there. When I come back to our first clips, I sometimes feel nostalgic. 

You’re certainly an inspiration for many upcoming talents. Who made you realize that you wanted to become a rapper? 

The first rap CD I was offered was an Mc Solaar album, and I was a big fan right away. Then I had the chance to meet the right people who made me listen to US rap music that was not well known in Europe at the time, bands like Dilated Peoples or Jedi Mind Tricks. 

French rap is still extremely popular. How would you explain the success of the genre?

I don’t know why, but I’m happy about it! Globally, rap is a hit everywhere in the world.

What is, in your opinion, the biggest difference between the French rap scene and the US rap scene?

There are almost none today because US rap doesn’t always dictate the trends anymore. But personally, I’m still very inspired by US rap. It’s my main reference.

You’re also known for your work with Caballero. How has your friendship evolved throughout the years? 

Caballero is like my brother, we climbed the ladder together, and we knew the difficulties of the beginnings. He is my favorite rapper!

What would you consider your career highlights?

When we played at the Olympia—Paris SOLD OUT—I saw the pride in my father’s eyes. It was one of the best moments of my life.

What’s something you’re working on for the future? 

Right now, I’m working on my next EP. I will announce the date very soon! 

Rap music is often associated with street style and vice versa. How would you describe your go-to look?

I like to be cozy, so a baggy, a down jacket, and a pair of comfortable sneakers. I really like black, to be discreet. It is the opposite of the stage where I like bright colors.

What’s an absolute essential when it comes to a performance look? 

A nice pair of glasses.

What are your favorite sneakers? Are you a collector?

 I love New Balance or ASICS for the rare models, but I like some timeless classics like the AF1. And no, I’m not really a collector. I always end up smashing them. (laughs)

If you could design one piece, what would you design?

I’m interested in everything. I already participated in the design of a Jersey in collaboration with Arte Antwerp. I have ideas for the next one, but I’m keeping it a secret for now!

You worked for the Zalando Go Noticed campaign. What made you decide to work on this project with Zalando? 

Zalando Street really appealed to me because they bring streetwear to everyone.

Photo credits: Zalando

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