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8 Feb

Jeremy Scott x M.A.C.’s Music Themed Collection Is Officially Here

Jeremy Scott, the Creative Director for Moschino, started the year out with a bang. In the beginning of January, he announced that he created a capsule collection in collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics. Today, on the 8th of February, that collection is officially available in select M.A.C locations around the globe.

Signed, Scott Jeremy

The collection features three palettes that have Jeremy Scott’s signature all over them. Just like with his designs for Moschino and his own brand, Scott went with a playful, fun design with clear pop culture references. The theme throughout the products is music, the nineties-nillies way.

From boombox to casette

The showstopper in this collab is without any doubt the eyeshadow palette. Shaped like a boombox, the (big!) palette comes with 29 shadows, in different finishes. The colours are sorted to ressemble a music wave. The palette may be big but the price tag is bigger: 75 dollars is definitely up there in price, but that shouldn’t be a suprise coming from M.A.C Cosmetics. You do get a bit of a deal though: single M.A.C eyeshadows are usually 16 dollars, so you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck with this palette.  If you’re considering getting something from this collection and you’re a fan of M.A.C eyeshadows, this palette might be the best investment.

The second palette looks like an oldschool casette, and it features 9 lip shades. If you’re a make-up artist palettes like these come in handy, since you get a multitude of looks out of them. If you’re a regular beauty lover, you might just want to stick to your everyday bullet shaped lipstick, unless you like to apply you lipstick with a brush of course. That’s the way to go if you want a clean, crisp line (and if you have some spare time on your hands).

The third and final palette is a the Cheeky Vol. 1 face palette. It comes with a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer inside. It’s nothing special, really, it all looks a bit… been there, done that. The packaging is cool, with the CD getup, but the products inside look a little boring if we’re being frank.

Jeremy Scott Mac

It’s all in the packaging (and that’s not necessarily a good thing)

So, the collection is available as of today, but is it worth it? If you’re a Jeremy Scott fan or you’re a twelve year old child with too much money to spend, we’d say: sure! Go ahead! The visuals and concept of this collab are cute, and the products would look kinda cute on your vanity. However, it does look a bit cheap and child-make-uplike, which should be no suprise considering the Moschino x Sephora collection that came out in 2017 (plastic bear shaped mirror, anyone?). We get it, we get it, that’s Jeremy’s thing, and the collection is fun, but these items that you get for the packaging, not for the actual product inside. Will you be picking something up?

Photo credits: M.A.C

Jeremy Scott MAC
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