Femke Lippens

19 Jun

K1D Shares Thoughts On Black Lives Matter in New Single ‘#Riot’

Belgian rapper K1D loves to rant on Instagram about various topics. But when he saw his feed filled with black squares and hashtags, he knew a simple IG story wasn’t going to cut it. We talked with K1D about his new single “#Riot”, which is all about Black Lives Matter and his fear of it remaining just a hype.

K1D tries to address the Belgian population by adding a Dutch quote by extreme right party member Filip Dewinter, saying that in 13 years’ time, 70% of Antwerp inhabitants will be Turkish, Moroccan, or n******.

“Lots of Belgians think it’s just an American thing. Truth is that this shit is not far removed from our own lives. Instead of focussing on what is happening in America, Belgians should focus on what is happening right in front of them,” K1D explains. “I really appreciate people sticking up for Black lives. It’s necessary during these times, but I just hope they keep the same energy when the hype has blown over. Lots of corporates just share their black squares to not seem like racists. You have to do more than that.”

The ethnicity card

At one point, K1D raps the line: “I know that you’re loving the culture. The way you walk, how you talk, that little swag came from us.” It’s a reference to how the world only appreciates black culture when it’s convenient for them.

“Hip hop is the number one genre worldwide. The world can’t go without hip hop. They play color on the radio, but behind the scenes, nobody of color works there. They just pull the ethnicity card while ignoring their ability to make the change that we need.”

K1D encourages Belgians to keep fighting for justice and equality, “I just hope the corporates that are woke now, stay woke. I want the people saying they will speak up in the future, actually doing that. This is not a hype for us. I’ve been dealing with this since I was three years old. Racist shit is all I can remember. This isn’t just three weeks of protests for us, it’s our entire lives.”

Important message

The rapper isn’t sure “#Riot” will be part of a bigger project, “I recorded it in an emotional mood as a way to get my frustrations out there. I didn’t want to make this song for promo or for the radio, but to solely get across an important message that people should hear.”

The ultimate message he wants people to understand is that all the protests, hashtags, and activism shouldn’t just be happening because it’s a hype, “Don’t do it because you feel pressured by your peers. Do it from the heart. That’s the only intention that counts.”

Photos by Julia Dubois Rosca

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