How the Kardashians influenced our society


How the Kardashians influenced our society

The Kardashians are the example of how a fake friendship and a homemade porn movie affected our society. If we ever knew it would become this huge, we would have probably invested in the company some years ago. However we regularly become tired of the overexposure of the K-clan, they actually did some good things too. Let’s have a closer look at the family phenomenon.

Their journey to world domination started all the way back in 1995 when Robert Kardashian became a national star as O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney. The Kardashian name and the fact that he wasn’t the poorest man on the planet opened many doors for his children and ex-wife Kris.

Around 5 years later Kim came in the picture as Paris Hilton’s bff or do we have to say personal assistant. However, she only became an actual celeb after her homemade sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J “accidentally” leaked. From one thing came another and in October 2007 Keeping Up with the Kardashians on cable network E! was a fact.

Now it has officially become one of the longest-running reality television series in the US with a 12th season premiering on May 1, 2016. The entire family can thank Kim and Kris for their excellent marketing skills. Because if you think that they’re stupid and that everything what happens in KUWTK is a spontaneous act of the moment, you’re officially naive.

If we would have to define the Kardashians in one word it would be superficial because that’s what they appear to be. The conversations they have on tv are hardly interesting and we mostly fall asleep after 5 minutes of watching KUWTK. Nothing just really happens in the show so we rather watch a good old documentary.

Interracial relationships, independant women, transgender acceptance

But we are lying when we would say they didn’t have any positive effects… Think about interracial relationships, being independent women building an empire, transgender acceptance and the fact you don’t need a size zero to be pretty. If you have a look at it like that we must give them a loud applause. No politician could have this kind of influence in only 12 seasons. The only thing we can say is, cheers to that!

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan, Pinterest

How the Kardashians influenced our society

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