Maxim Meyer-Horn

20 May

Knock Knock! We Reviewed Every Song of Harry Styles’ New Album ‘Harry’s House’ in One Sentence

Who would’ve thought that a young lad from Redditch would become a superstar after auditioning on ‘X-Factor’? Harry Styles definitely didn’t but everything that happened after is history. The singer turned from a teen idol to a mature pop star, who has found his musical identity by referencing his favorite artist from the past. His highly anticipated appearance at Coachella in April made the hype around his third album even bigger. And oh gosh, ‘Harry’s House’ doesn’t disappoint. To honor his new body of work, we decided to write a small one-sentence review per track.

“Music For a Sushi Restaurant”

We never thought a song about a sushi restaurant would make us dance, but the funky album opener got us on our feet immediately.

“Late Night Talking”

After already performing this song at Coachella, we already knew that we loved the ’70s vibes of the track, but we love the studio version even more than the live version.


“Grapejuice” is a dreamy song in which Harry imagines an emotionally intimate relationship and is the ideal song to change the pace of the album.

“As It Was”

An absolute banger. We don’t need to tell you more about this hit.


Harry’s House is a very romantic album but in “Daylight”, Harry talks about how a long-distance relationship affected him. With its soft “Oooohs” and contrasting guitar riffs, this song hits every mark.

“Little Freak”

If you’re sentimental about a past love, this song will definitely bring tears to your eyes with its beautiful melody and the layered vocals that make his voice sound like a choir.


Inspired by the legendary story by Roald Dahl, “Matilda” tells the sad story of someone who’s not treated well at home. The sadness of the story is beautifully accentuated by a very intimate production with just a guitar and a piano.


After some more melancholic songs, “Cinema” brings us back to the grooviness of the beginning of the album and is a very laidback track for hot summer nights.


The romantic side of Harry comes forward even more in the very cute lyrics of the very uplifting “Daydreaming”, which is another song we’ll be blasting all summer.

“Keep Driving”

One of the standout songs of the album is without any doubt “Keep Driving”, where Harry uses his voice a bit differently, and the production steadily builds up to a beautiful apotheose.


While the song starts rather slow and intimate, the song’s dynamic changes and results in an absolutely beautiful climax that we can’t get enough of. This one is on repeat!


This song already stole our hearts after his performance at Coachella because of the simplicity between all the grandiosity on stage, and we feel like this is both musically and lyrically an absolute highlight.

“Love Of My Life”

The closing track of Harry’s third project is a beautiful end to a phenomenal project and captures the different styles (no pun intended) of Harry’s House.

‘Harry’s House’ is out now on all platforms.

Pictures by Lillie Eiger and Hanna Moon

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