Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish


9 Aug

Kure Bazaar: The Must-Have Eco-Trendy Nail Polish

After the umpteenth broken nail, we gave up on nail polish. A trendy color once every two months was the maximum in order not to completely destroy our nails. With the eco beauty evolution going strong, it was only a matter of time before a qualitative natural nail polish would hit the market. Paris-based model Kartika launched Kure Bazaar a few years back, after a serious period of trial and error.


Made up of 85% of natural ingredients, the nail polishes of Kure Bazaar are one of the most eco-friendly ones you’ll find on the market. In professional words the lacquers are 10-free which means these are considered the purest of all free nail polishes. Free is a term used in the beauty community, indicating to what level a nail polish consists of toxic chemical ingredients.

The ingredients you’ll find in the Kure Bazaar lacquers instead are wood pulp, cotton, corn, potato and wheat. We honestly couldn’t have come up with this mix ourselves. Also, the quality of the product is unmatched. All nail polishes dry quickly, deliver long-lasting hold as well as intense color and shine. On top of that, the color range is totally on point with an excellent offer of both classic and trendy shades. What more do you want?

You can shop Kure Bazaar via Biotylab and Modesens.

Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish
Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish
Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish
Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish
Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish
Kure Bazaar Vegan Nail Polish

Photo credits: Biotylab and Modesens

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