Lacoste x National Geographic


14 Nov 2020

Lacoste X National Geographic: An Untamed Collab

Lacoste‘s iconic crocodile gets a few extra friends this season. The iconic French brand teams up with the even iconic National Geographic to launch a collection inspired by planet earth and its beautiful wildlife. With this collab, they want to put the spotlight on nature conservation, a good cause we fully support at ENFNTS TERRIBLES.

Crocodile’s got company

No quarantine for Lacoste’s crocodile since he gets the company of four new special individuals. No one less than the grévy’s zebra, poison dart frog, dragonfly, and the jaguar will be keeping him company during this year’s holidays.

The introduction of the new fab four resulted in a collection full of expressive elements and beautiful graphic prints. Reversible puffer jackets got immersed with a print inspired by the dragonfly’s wings and the poison dart frog’s amazing blue color. The grévy’s zebra and the jaguar were the sources of inspiration behind the two polo shirts. Next to the prints, there are also the basics, of course, all provided with the logo of Lacoste’s iconic crocodile.

Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic

Education is crucial

It was essential for both Lacoste and National Geographic that customers who are buying the collection are also informed. That they know what’s the story behind the collection and what the characteristics of the specific animals are.

Attached to every item, there’s a tag that provides you with extra information. Did you know that the poison dart frog isn’t poisonous at all? Or that the jaguar’s spots are called rosettes because they strongly differ from leopard spots?

National Geographic Photo Ark Project

The collaboration is inspired by National Geographic’s Photo Ark Project, a multi-annual project led by photographer Joel Sartore to capture every single species in the nature reserve. It’s an ode to the diversity and beauty of the animal kingdom.

The collection is now available at the Lacoste webshop.

Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic
Lacoste x National Geographic
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