Maxim Meyer-Horn

22 May

WATCH: Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Make Us Wet With ‘Rain On Me’

Hallelujah! Our prayers have been heard and Lady Gaga finally released her highly anticipated collaboration with the American superstar Ariana Grande. Both artists have influenced the pop industry like no other and have continued paving their own way. Today, their path is finally crossing for the first time with their release of “Rain On Me”, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Only a week before Lady Gaga will unveil her brand-new creative interpretation of her artistry, she’s finally sharing the second song of her sixth album with the world. Chromatica is set to be one of her boldest bodies of work to date, so the stakes for her long-awaited Ariana Grande collab were incredibly high.

Rain On Me

Rumors of a possible collaboration between the two pop superstars have been going around for months, but the tracklist of Chromatica brought light to the dark a couple of weeks ago and fans were going crazy. “Rain On Me” was already a hit before it was even out but listening to the song just confirms what everyone already assumed. The single is a bop and has the standout production it needed. BloodPop, who already functioned as the producer of Joanne, knows how to make two power vocals stand out with a song that gets you so excited that you put it on repeat for at least two days. This release is one that gets us wet… (interpret this how you like) The girls are feeding us!

Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Chromatica’ comes out on May 29th. Let the final countdown begin.

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