19 Feb

Lana Del Rey Descends Again And Shows The World Some Love

This Saturday night was all about Netflix & chill for me, until I got shook by checking Twitter and discovering that an angel has descended to earth again. You’re reading it right, this is NOT a drill: Lana Del Rey dropped a new single! She’s literally showing us some ‘Love’ with this amazing new song.

Earlier this week, she teased us with promotional posters for ‘Love’ that popped up in the streets of Los Angeles. The posters also read ‘Directed by Rich Lee’, which either means she’s also dropping a music video, or working on another short film like ‘Tropico’. Whatever it is, we’re excited to see it, as Lana never disappoints with her cinematography.

It also wasn’t really planned to release the new single today. But Lana Del Rey became victim of a leak tonight. Fans tried to stop it from spreading, but it was too late. As it was out there anyway, Del Rey decided to just drop it officially and wrote on social media: “Hey kids, thanks for listening- it’s OK that it leaked, because like I wrote up there, it really does come down to love and the intentions behind the music. That’s why this is a perfect first single, because this one is for you and I luv you.

Either way, you can listen to ‘Love’ now on Spotify and Apple Music, or just below. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think on social media!

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