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26 Dec

This Is Why LANY Is the Coolest Alternative Pop Band of the Moment

LANY is a three-piece alternative band from Los Angeles. They released their first album this summer, they are currently touring the world and their best known hit is “ILYSB”. With the famous cute but psycho sentence “I’m hella obsessed with your face”.) However, Enfnts Terribles’ favourite is “Super Far”. Maybe the music video – which was shot in one take – has something to do with that.
Anyhow, here are 5 reasons why LANY is cool as hell.

Their Sound

The trio – Paul Klein, Jake Guss and Les Priest – have created a genre that is kinda hard to describe. Here’s an attempt: minimalistic alternative dreamy electropop. But honestly, just listen to it and see for yourself how pleasant their sound is.

A very appealing aspect of their music is their original use of words. You can immediately tell it’s made by and for millennials.

I need my current location to be your current location” / “I like you lots” / “You would call and I’d be like “yea, babe”“.

The Name “LANY”

Paul, Jake and Les are from Los Angeles. That’s where half their name comes from. The other half obviously is New York. The whole is an acronym, so it’s pronounced as “lay-nee”.

Fun fact: the lead singer has “LA” tattooed on his middle finger.

Paul Klein from LANY

The Lead Singer’s Face

Not trying to be superficial here, but it’s undeniable: the lead singer of the band, Paul Jason Klein, is absolutely beautiful. In 2014-2015 he did some modeling, but not enough in our opinion. He definitely has a Gucci face.

Paul’s Girlfriend

LANY just finished the European wing of their tour. We were present at the concert in Brussels – which was INCREDIBLY good – and guess who was their too? The singer’s girlfriend, who is none other than pop star Dua Lipa. She was in the crowd, cheering for her lover and singing along. Paul sang parts of  Pink Skies right at her during the concert.

“British bomb, you turn me on
No matter what ya do”

She also accompanied the band at their concerts in Amsterdam and Berlin. So if you’re in for an amazing concert and want a chance at spotting Dua… Up next on LANY’s Tour Agenda is Asia.

Paul Klein and Dua Lipa

Actual Wearable Merch

Buying a band tee is always nice, especially if you’re a big fan. That way you have a souvenir of a concert you liked. But we must admit, sometimes merchandise can be ugly as fuck. (I only wear my Miley Cyrus T-shirt when all my pajamas are in the laundry.) LANY’s merch on the other hand actually looks good. I wore my “ILYSB” tee all summer and I received lots of compliments. And the majority of the compliment givers didn’t even know the band.

Go check out their collection and listen to LANY’s debut album down below.

Photo credits: Alessio Boni & @pauljasonklein on Instagram


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