Lean Luxury at Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna

In the heart of Vienna – near the Mariahilfer Straße – is situated a modern boutique hotel called Ruby Marie. Ruby Marie hotel, is a hot spot with character and identity that evokes a certain feel-good sensation. While comfortably sipping on your white wine on their funky open rooftop terrace, they offer their metropolitan guests a colossal view over the center of Vienna.

Not only is the Ruby Marie hotel an easygoing place for a restful sleep. Other than that it’s also a creative working space and a place to meet inspirational people. From the moment you step into the hotel you officially agree to a lean luxury policy. Before we attack this unknown phenomenon, let’s review the Ruby Marie hotel.

Check-In at Ruby Marie hotel

At Ruby Marie hotel they said NO to all the paperwork that comes with reservations. For instance, guests can only make a reservation online. Which means you check-in at the hotel by yourself via a tablet at the reception. Isn’t that a great way to kickoff?

The Bar

Usually, when you enter a hotel first thing you come across is the hotel lobby. However, at the Ruby Marie hotel, in Vienna, there’s a different chronological order. The first thing you’ll see are the elevators. Once you step foot at the reception for your check-in, you’ll then enter a place that resembles a lobby but that isn’t a lobby. Do you want to know why? Two words ‘Lean Luxury‘.

Since there’s no lobby, we’ll just call the bar, the bar!


On top of our “things you need the most in your hotel room” list you’ll find a clean shower, a comfy king size bed, Wi-Fi and a music installation. When booking a room these are the most crucial decision-making units. And Ruby Marie hotel has passed the test!

Every room is equipped with a tablet and their own internet radio station “Ruby Radio”. So you only listen to a qualitative sound in the room thanks to Marshall Amps. Take a look at the cozy rooms. We already have a favorite, which one is yours?

What is ‘lean luxury’?

‘Lean luxury’ is a part of the Ruby hotels identity. They consider luxury as a matter of personal freedom rather than caring for the price only. Which pushes them forward in finding soulful places. Leaving behind some old hotel clichés to offer you smart services. This way you have a better chance at getting great reduction deals through the year. In brief, you’ll only pay for the things you need in order to make the most our of your stay.

“Saving on some features which we think are easy to forego enables us to offer you great 5-star rooms and a unique hotel experience at affordable prices” – Ruby Hotels.

The rooftop terrace

The Ruby Marie hotel is known for its stunning rooftop terrace with an exciting view over the city of Vienna. Thanks to their central location, the hotel merited a reputation for being a meeting point for the creative scene. As well as a cultural hot spot where you can experience: live concerts, jam sessions, vernissages or pop-up events. Being situated in the trendy seventh district of Vienna definitely contributed to its success.

Photo credits: Ruby Marie

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