Black leather jackets: where to look & find them


16 Nov

Black leather jackets: where to look & find them

One of the biggest investments in your closet must be that leather jacket of yours, right? No matter where you’ll search for your next best leather winter jack’. The cost of it will run high, very high.

Because that effortless and badass look won’t just pop up for free. But no worries, the big trick is to predominantly set money aside. Enough money to be able to buy that one designer jacket you are dying to have. So we’ve selected a few slick leather jackets worth the investment. Here’s where to look and find.

Start off with the basics

Before claiming that leather jacket you might want to follow these 3 essential steps first:

find your style

Styles vary when it comes to leather jackets. Harrington, biker, shearling, motocross or fencing. This phase only can take quite some time.

find the right fit

In this stage, you have to make a bigger effort and go try on your dream jacket. To approve of the look and feel of course. Plus you want it to feel like a second skin.

define your budget

Now, this step is de facto up to you. How much are you willing to spend on it? All things you should take into consideration.

Just remember: leather takes time to flex. So wear it as much you can and with time it will adjust to your body shape.

Explore the market

There are tons of brands proclaiming to have the best leather apparel out there. So don’t just settle for the first one on your path. Explore your options!

Long-lasting leather jackets can be one of the most versatile items in a man’s wardrobe. Besides that, almost every jacket has been recreated. You will stumble upon various styles (online and offline) when it comes down to it.

We suggest you explore thoroughly. Considering how much you’re probably cashing out, you want your leather jacket that fits your personality at all time and all costs.

In it for the long haul

We all have that one fashion-victim friend that works his/her ass off to shower themselves with the best casual gifts in the world. It’s time for you to be more like that friend. We said more, not completely. If you went over the basics and still decided to take the high road and pay the price for a decent designer jacket, we have some suggestions for you.

Certain numbers of high-end labels will never deceive you with their leather suppliers. When entering avant-garde stores like Sandro, Yves Saint-Laurent, Diesel Black Gold or Juun J you will leave a happy – but impoverished – person.

Take Diesel, for instance, they are known for leather pieces that withstand the test of time. Yet again with prices shifting between $715 to $1700 and up.

Lucky for you, taking the high road can have its upside. And that’s when you have sales! We found this timeless Sandro Paris black leather jacket on their webshop at half the price.

Shop: Sandro jacket

Temporarily settle for the affordable identical twin

Every designer item has a more affordable identical twin. All-Saints, Zara, Topman and Asos are where you need to be for an affordable leather jacket.

Despite it’s lower price tag there’s a catch. Most of the time the cheaper copy won’t look, and feel, as warm and comfortable. However, for temporary use, it can save your look of the day. Now let’s compare high-end and high-street.

Shop the look: Saint-Laurent jacket vs  ZARA jacket

Photo credits: Saint-Laurent, Zara, Vogue, Fashiontag


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