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Let’s Get Inked! Must-Visit Tattoo Shops In Europe

Many view the tattoo world as a hardcore, punk rock environment with standard-looking parlors and tatted-up artists. But tattooing over the years has changed. With many people owning body artwork, the need for an experience is growing. That’s why we created a list to highlight cool, crazy, and hidden tattoo experiences.

It’s easy to find the best tattoo artist in a certain area online, but try googling the coolest parlor. Yeah, that’s a lot harder. So we got you covered. Bar? Church? Container box? We found them all. In this three-part series, we will take you to Europe, the USA, and then the rest of the world.

Wisdomless Club (Rome — Italy)

Located in the city center of Rome, this 1930s inspired bar feels like a members-only club.
The warm interior with the classic bar and chesterfields spontaneously makes you want to look at the Whiskey menu. And when you ask for a menu, don’t forget to ask for the tattoo menu.

The tattoo parlor is located in the same building, but the dandies who work there, and who will tattoo you, come and have a chat about your desires at the bar as if you have known them for years. This offers an amazing tattoo experience where you feel exclusive and part of the crew.

PS: check out their terrace, Italy-patio of our dreams!

Wisdomless Club
Via Sora, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Noble Art Gallery Tattoo Studio (Valencia — Spain)

What’s in a name? Exactly! This tattoo studio is the modern version of an art gallery. The art? The tattoos. The canvas? Your body. The studio wanted to honor how we look at body art. The open spaces allow customers to look at other people and the tattoos they are getting. Because according to NAGTS, every tattoo is a piece of art that should be looked at.

The shop is an open space with a lot of glass windows for those reasons. In and on the walls, you can find ancient statues or paintings covered in modern tattoos. Because they portray this studio as an art gallery, the tattoos you can get there are lifelike real, detailed, and mostly big. Noble art also offers tattoo removal services and microblading.

Their second location is in Zurich.

Noble Art Gallery Tattoo Studio 
Calle de Ramon Llull, 41, 46021 València

Sticks & Stones Tattoo (Berlin — Germany)

Right outside the city center of Berlin, you can find a cute and contemporary coffee shop called Asbury Park Coffee. In the back of this shop behind an iron fence, you can find Sticks and Stones Tattoo.

The not-so-hidden parlor takes over the cute vibes from the coffee shop in the front. It’s what we would expect from a Berlin establishment altogether. White brick walls, neon lights, wooden furniture, and plants standing, hanging, laying. Sticks and Stones has it all. They offer a laid-back service with international artists. What to expect from them? Big and colorful tattoos with bright reds and blues (can differ with guests). This shop is appointment-only so make sure to call in beforehand. And otherwise, you can just enjoy the atmosphere with a coffee from the front shop.

Sticks & Stones Tattoo
Mareschstrasse 17, Berlin, Berlin

Diamond Jacks (London — UK)

Hidden away in a sleazy alley lays Diamond Jacks, a tattoo shop defined as Sex, Drugs, and Tattoos. They have been around for a while, and the shop shows that. It’s full of stickers, flash tattoo sheets, and musical memorabilia, even from customers.

Being the go-to spot for legends like The Sex Pistols, Pete Dorothy, and Gail Porter in the ’80s and ’90s, DJ has kept that rock-and-roll atmosphere we want from a UK tattoo shop. Not only the interior attracts our attention, but also the neighborhood. It used to be a sleazy alley, tucked away, but now it is located in a newly-transformed walkway with cozy bars and vivid markets. They do a lot of punk-inspired flash tattoos, so be sure to look out for those.

Diamond Jacks
5 Walkers Court, London W1F 0BT

Les Maux Bleus (Paris — France)

If Emily from Emily in Paris would have a favorite tattoo shop in Paris, it’s this one. Les Maux Bleus is a small and private studio with three young artists in the center of Paris, close to Pompidou. Their shop is located in a typical Parisienne courtyard that screams “drinks on Friday after work!”

Their parlour looks out on this courtyard, which makes it the perfect place for a tattoo shop. The tattoo beds are placed under the glass roof of the old building, giving the artists plenty of natural sunlight and letting the customer relax. Even though these artists have different styles and inputs, this shop is perfect for a smaller and modern, abstract tattoo.

Les Maux Bleus
20 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

Roots Bar (Budapest — Hungary)

Known as one of the best party cities in Europe, Budapest counts a lot of bars. Roots bar not only offers finger food, good cocktails, and music events, it also offers a walk-in tattoo shop. Right upstairs from the bar, you have the opportunity to sit down with a guest tattooer while you take in the Budapest atmosphere.

This bar is located at a corner, which allows Roots to open up all windows and offer inside-outside seating. At night, and in non-covid times, Roots has local DJs over to turn the bar into a vivid nightlife space. This is definitely a place to watch once everything goes back to normal.

Roots bar
Király utca 77. Budapest, Hungary 1077

Photo credits: Gianluigi Crescenzi, Paul Haring, Noble Art Gallery Studio Tattoo, Sticks & Stones, Diamond Jacks, Jack Hobhouse, Gifty, Les Maux Bleus, and Korosi Tamas

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