28 Jul

Is Lil Halima Norway’s Next Big Music Export?

We’re totally here for young, interesting female artists that are making the music they feel and we’re keen on presenting you one of our latest discoveries. Norwegian singer Lil Halima attracted our attention a couple of months ago and the evolution she’s been going through these past few months can be described as remarkable. Since she’s becoming a big deal in her home country, it’s time for the rest of the world!

We always adore artists that are not just singers, but a whole concept with visuals, style and presentation. Because of her very strong concept, Lil Halima stands out in a crowd of young acts thanks to her true authentic self and the way she’s underlining her visual aesthetics. Apart from making music, Lil Halima is also a painter and illustrator, which gives her even more space and creativity to express her feelings.

For the dark/bright days

This year, the 21-year-old singer released two interesting projects. for the dark days is a very emotive, slightly dark, but also extremely hopeful sounding project. An intro and three songs are enough to convince us that we can expect big things of the songstress, but it’s for the bright days, the second part of her project, that made us realize her versatility as an artist. Both EP’s have a beautiful serenity and gracefulness thanks to the dreamy sounds that slightly remind us of Lily Allen’s newest album or the British singer Lapsley. It’s a shame that our absolute favorite “who do u love” hasn’t become a hit yet, because this song is maybe one of the best pop R&B songs of the year.

A whole package

Lil Halima has her roots in Kenya, but grew up in the beautiful city that is Oslo. Embracing the two different worlds in her music, the sound of her music is undeniably sweet and irresistible. She found a way to keep her listeners interested at all time and that’s not only music-wise. Her music videos are as beautiful as her songs and have an incredible vibe. The framing, colors, styling, etc. is on point and make us wonder why her videos haven’t been picked up by any big artist yet. Lil Halima is a whole package and stays adorable at all times.


One of her biggest moves yet is her COLORS video on YouTube. Performing her magical song “Hold Me” with a mesmerizing coolness and edge, you can quickly draw comparison with UK’s powerhouse Jorja Smith. The song itself is a wonderful piece of R&B pop and blooms into a powerful ending. With over 750.000 views, the video can be named a real success and it wouldn’t surprise us if the video got more views in the future.

Lil Halima is still young and has a long way to go. But we’re convinced that she’s one of the artists to watch this year, so you know what to do!

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