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Lily Allen Comes Back With a Sex Toy and a Whole Lotta Liberty

Let’s talk about sex, baby… and for some of us, the lack thereof (this editor included). But leave it up to Lily Allen to come back with the most ambitious crossover event since ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘. The Libertine by Lily Allen x Womanizer. A brand new sex toy with a brand new attitude to match.

Masturbation Gap

The current masturbation gap between men and women is at 68%, that’s revealed in a survey of July 2020 by the popular sex toys brand Womanizer with 7,000 participants from 14 countries. One-third of the female participants admitted they don’t masturbate at all. However, masturbation is an important part of sexual self-determination and a healthy relationship with oneself. Unfortunately, shame, social stigma, and a lack of education prevent many people from exploring their sexuality altogether.


Insert Lily Allen, Womanizer’s newly appointed Chief Liberation Officer with a limited edition Womanizer toy and a very bold campaign. A campaign ready to (re)start a healthy conversation about pleasure, stimulation, and the female orgasm. A conversation that started shortly after Lily recommended a Womanizer product in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly.

Turns out both powerhouses share an enthusiasm for high-quality sex toys. “I hope that this collaboration will lead to people feeling that they can talk more freely about masturbation and if somebody like me can talk openly about it without shame then they might feel inclined to try it out for themselves — a whole new world awaits,” according to Allen.

Me So Horny

The duo-toned toy is 100% waterproof, stimulates without touching your clitoris due to the Pleasure Air Technology. Yes, that’s a thing — a thing that ensures multiple orgasms without overstimulating the clitoris. (Yes, that’s also a thing.) And all Womanizer models are designed to make close to no sound at all. To quote the website: “We can’t promise however, that you will make no noise either.” Extra points for that cheeky copywriter. Dear future husband, just in case we still have to social distance during the holidays … you know what to send me.

Shop Lily Allen’s limited edition Womanizer on Womanizer’s website

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