Maxim Meyer-Horn

6 Oct

LIVE-TO-EXPRESS Highlights Self-Expression and Inclusivity in Editorial With René Aguilera

Vintage lovers might already have this one in their ‘favorites’ list. The Antwerp-based brand LIVE-TO-EXPRESS has created a catalog with never before worn ear jewelry dated from the ’60s up to the ’90s. Since their brand is all about inclusivity and self-expression, they shot an editorial with the performer and activist René Aguilera that embodies the soul of their brand.

Finding freedom

Ever since René Aguilera was little, a deep-rooted racial perception has been influencing her life. Never being accepted for who you are, fighting for your existence every day is deeply tiresome. Even when she wasn’t able to comprehend what was happening as a child, it made her the person she is now.

Slowly but steadily, René Aguilera is finding a path in life that is treating her more fairly. She has found confidence and self-empowerment in the Ballroom-scene, a scene that makes people feel part of an understanding family and feel free.

Discover the catalog of LIVE-TO-EXPRESS via their site.

Photography by Natalia Majchrzak
Make-up by Inti
Designs by Jordy Vaesen and Liu Zexian
Production and earings by LIVE-TO-EXPRESS

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