7 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Lollapalooza Paris

As long as I can remember Paris has been my favorite city to go to.  So I don’t think I have to explain why I didn’t think twice when my sister asked me to go to Lollapalooza with her. It was the first time the festival was held in Paris, so my excitement went trough the roof. It was also the first time that I went to a festival outside of Belgium, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Although I didn’t have any expectations, I ended up having the time of my life and falling in love with Paris even more. Here are some reasons why.

No cash system

Thanks to a special microchip in the bracelets we didn’t had to carry  around any money or tokens. We had the choice to precharge it at home or to do it at the entrance of the festival. There was even an app you could download to check every transaction you made on the festival. Perfect to keep track on your drunken adventures. It also made everything a lot faster, the only thing you had to do while buying food or drinks was to show your bracelet.

The line up

I don’t think this one needs more explanation? The line up was amazing. Lana Del Rey , The Weeknd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pixies and many more, all at one festival. And not to forget, there were two main stages next to eachother. So when one artist ended the other one began. The planning was well thought out. You could switch from one stage to another grab a beer in between and do it all over again.

No camping

I can imagine that a lot of people aren’t feeling this one at all. I’m personally not a big fan of festival campings. Let’s put it that way, I love to sleep in a bed, have a hot shower and having decent breakfast in the morning. A festival where I can dance and get dirty during the day and still sleep like a baby during the night, sounds like heaven to me. The scrambled eggs and my view on the streets of Paris in the morning made it feel like I had the best vip ticket in the world. AND I looked good every day, so cheers to that.

Paris inside the festival

If it wasn’t enough that the festival was organized right outside the centre of Paris, they also brought Paris inside of the festival. They’ve build a small Eiffel Tower in the middle of the domain, there were crepes being sold everywhere and the best thing of all they had decent wine stands. So you could eat your crepe, while holding your french wine and sit under the eiffel tower, it doesn’t get more french than that!

The mini party houses

The best thing about the whole festival was the mini party village. Four small boxes, four different parties. Sounds weird, but I can promise you I danced in a box like there was no tomorrow. Every box had it’s own dj and decor, so if you got tired of a specific style you could just switch to another. The last day the boxes got so popular, there were lines in front of each one with their own securities at the entrance. The Weeknd, who?

Wine and beer were the same price

I was never a big fan of beer. Festivals are mostly about beer, so they are often a pain in the ass for me. This time it was different! Of course you still had beer everywhere, but the wine stands offered wine for the same price. Also you could choose from a lot of differents sorts of wine, I tasted them all of course. I enjoyed every single sip.

Less trash

Last but not least, there was almost no trash on the festival ground. The cups were refillable and you had to pay extra for them. You got your money back if you brought them back to the stands. So people thought twice about throwing them on the ground. I loved how well thought everything was. Lollapalooza, see you next year.

If you still need prove of how much fun this festival was, check out my Lollapalooza vlog (Dutch).

Photo credits: Sushi for Enfnts Terribles

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