11 Jul
Street Style


Not everyone feels like dressing up every single day. Even your favorite street style stars have those “whatever” moments like Britney had back in the days. Well, maybe not that exaggerated but you know what we mean. However, there are still ways to thrive!  Since nobody does casual Parisian style better than the City of Lights girls do, we can all learn a thing or two from them.

First of all, start with picking a good pair of jeans. Because nobody ever felt bad in denim trousers. In this case, throwing an oversized army jacket always works apparently. And just be light with accessorizing: statement shoes, stunner shades, and an assorti bag will work just fine. Now you can keep your casual Parisian style on lock any day.

Photo credit: Jonathan Zegbe for Enfnts Terribles

LOOK XXXVIII: Casual Parisian Style - Paris Street Style by Enfnts Terribles

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