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The Beauty and Beasts of Falling in Love with Potential

Ah.. potential. The mother of so many options, opportunities, and adventures. The ability to see someone’s full potential in every situation could be considered the greatest gift but it could also be considered the biggest curse. Shoulda-woulda-coulda killed a lot of opportunities out here. Especially when it comes to love.

The beauty

There’s this notion, fueled by everyone and everything, that finding love is a fix-for-all. How great our lives could be if we just find someone to love. Or someone who loves us back. Like love owes that to you. Love owes you nothing. But that shouldn’t stop you for not going out there and getting what you want. Whether it’s your dream-house, dream-business, dream-body or a dream-dick to share all these things with. Love may owe you nothing, but you owe yourself love.

Build on you, for you AND the rest of the world. I’m tired of these “don’t do it for them, do it for you” quotes. Fuck that, become who you’ve always wanted to be, who you needed your parents to be, who your siblings can look up to, who the whole squad is inspired by. Prove everybody wrong. Prove yourself right. Unfriend people on Facebook. Do something for your community. Suck a dick. Never suck dick (again). Whatever floats your boat. Hold on. Scream. Reach out. Let it go.


The beasts

And don’t you ever apologize for your process, your history, your present or your presentation, your true self. Give it your all. Get out of the house and attract what you put out. Even the toughest homeboy tends to be attracted to greatness. And if homeboy doesn’t… it’s gon’ be quiet.  And then you trade ’em in for an actual man, a new business venture or a Sonos speaker… anything or anyone that adds value to your life, instead of taking it away.

The truth is the concept of love is scary as fuck. The will to compromise with a total stranger on how you’re going to build the rest of your life and legacy together is brave as fuck. Holding your composure and getting back into the swing of things after being lied and cheated on in any shape or form, whether it’s for days, months, years or decades is savage as fuck.

The potential

But the potential of love itself… it’s giving nature, it’s the ability to forgive and forget without holding a grudge, is fucking lovely as fuck. We all have our demons but if you find a boo-thang, who’s willing to fight on your side in this mad, mad world, shit… that’s pure magic. So when that happens get yo’ Bella on and let ’em know: “if he comes through… he can like, get iiit.” Any day of the week. And twice during the Weeknd. Pun intended. (Sorry Bella.)

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