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23 Jan

Maggie Lindemann: “We’re Already Working on My First Album”

Maggie Lindemann started her career as a sweet, innocent pop singer but her metamorphoses have turned the tables. Instead of making cute radio songs, she decided to make the music that really feels true to her soul and ended up making a pop-punk EP. We had a chat with the “Loner” singer about her debut EP PARANOIA and how everything is going right now.

The ongoing pandemic certainly has quite an impact on your schedule. How does a regular day in the life of Maggie Lindemann look like at the moment?

It’s usually quite different every day, but since my EP is coming out, I’m having a lot of Zoom meetings. Usually, I would meet people in person but, unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I’m doing it all online. Sometimes I also have photoshoots, and I go to Starbucks every morning. I have to have coffee in the morning or I literally can’t function.

You’re a role model for many people. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having such an influence on so many fans?

It’s cool that I have this reach where I can be an influence and use my platform for good. It’s sometimes also hard because you’re expected to never make mistakes. Everyone is human, we all have made mistakes in the past, and we’re going to make mistakes in the future. I think it’s a lot of pressure to be constantly on your toes, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. In general, it’s a real blessing.

Pop music is often labeled as too polished and too predictable. How would you define your own music and pop music in general?

I used to make very predictable pop songs, and I felt that it wasn’t exactly reflecting who I was. I wanted to do something cooler and something that felt more like me. That’s why I make a bit more rock and alternative music now. I’m just not a very polished person, and I’m kind of all over the place. I think that just reflects in my music.

The new sound is quite the opposite of the sound that has put you on the map worldwide. Where did the joy of musical innovation come from?

I always really, really loved rock music and was heavily influenced by it in my style. I just listened a lot to underground metal, punk, and pop punk, so it was just something I wanted to do.

You took over the creative control of your projects. What does the thought process around a release look like?

It’s nice that I have creative control now. With a record label, you would make a song, bring it to them, give them your plan, and they might don’t like it. They have full creative control and make the final decision. As I’m working with distribution, I can bring them what I want and tell them how I want to organize the whole release. They’re 100% behind me and help me with everything I want to do. I’m just a very creative person, and I have very visual ideas for everything I do, so it’s really nice to have the power over my own projects and lead the way.

You’ve always used poetry to write down your happy and dark thoughts. Did that influence your perspective on songwriting?

I love poetry and was always interested in poetry books or writing poems myself. I just really like the wordplay and metaphors, and poetry is just so beautifully written. I adore incorporating that in my own lyrics too if I can.

PARANOIA gives the listeners an insight into your mental health. Is there something you want people to know before they listen to your EP?

I think everyone should know that if you were listening to the old stuff and think it will be anything like that, then it’s not. Other than that, I just hope that people understand me and can relate to the songs I wrote.

“Loner” is about feeling lonely and accepting that emotion. Is the song based on your experiences in your career?

I’ve often felt lonely in life and in my career. I just sometimes feel that I can’t relate to anyone and that no one is like me. I have a hard time finding friends and felt like a loner. I know a lot of people can relate to that because they don’t have friends or have difficulties in making friends. I want people to know that it’s a universal thing and many people feel like that.

You’ve expanded your creative world by starting a clothing brand and a podcast. Are these creative outlets that allow you to express yourself differently compared to your songwriting?

I’ve always wanted to design clothes. Ever since I was young, I had these little mannequin-things that I dressed up and put fabric around. I’ve sketched out ideas for dresses and clothes, so I’ve always had the ambition to design and was so interested in that.

I didn’t want to make stereotypical merchandising, which is just a T-shirt with a picture of your face on it. I wanted to make something you can wear even if you don’t know who I am and just like my collection. Zumiez wanted to collaborate on that and get it sold in their stores, which was quite an honor as I’ve always shopped there as a teenager. I’ve always felt like that was the coolest store in the mall, so I didn’t hesitate when they asked me to work together on a collection.

If you could bring the Paranoia era to life on stage, what would be the main focus of the show?

I’ve already talked about how I want my live setup to be and already have ideas for the set design. I’m hoping that this year, we can do something like concerts because I really want to perform this, and I’m so excited to get back on stage.

Now that your baby is out, are you planning to work on an album next?

We’re already working on the album, and I think we already have three songs. For so long, I was talking about working on the EP, and there was no new music coming. I hate the feeling of letting everyone wait so long for something to come out. So, I’m definitely working on what’s coming next and want to constantly release new music.

Maggie Lindemann’s electrifying debut EP ‘PARANOIA’ is available on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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