Paulien Eeckels

9 May

MaisonCléo Fights Against Fast Fashion with Beautiful Handmade Designs

MaisonCléo is a small French family-run label started by a mother and daughter out of love for fashion. Each and every piece was handmade in a streamlined collection. After getting a lot of attention through Instagram, their stock is mostly sold-out. But they restock every Wednesday.

About MaisonCléo

Marie Dewet, the daughter, has always worked in fashion. She’s only 26 years old and not only has she founded her own brand; she also works as a VIP service team leader at Vestiaire Collective. Together with her mom, Nathalie Dewet (also known as Cléo), she founded MaisonCléo. Her mother is a qualified seamstress. Marie wanted to create a sustainable brand that uses no synthetic fabrics at all. Furthermore, the duo uses deadstock fabric and a small made-to order batcher for their simple, vintage designs. They launch 20 to 25 new pieces every week (with a matching scrunchie made of leftover material!), and they invariably sell out within one hour. That may not sound like a lot, but you have to know, Cléo is the only seamstress.



You might actually have already scrolled by the brand, without even realizing. One of their pieces, the handmade pouf-sleeved blouse, has been picked up by some international influencers, such as Leandra Medine and Emily Ratajkowski. Other famous fashion insiders such as Clara Cornet and Stelle von Senger are fans of MaisonCléo as well. Their most famous fashion pieces are the cropped gingham wraparound blouse, the lamé top with billowing arms, and the crochet mini-dress.

The family’s blessing

Their love for fashion is definitely a family trait. The grandmother of Marie’s grandmother, Louise, was a great seamstress, she was the head of a tailoring workshop with thirteen workers at her side. Although she worked in the North of France (they still do), her work was requested in Paris. The granddaughter of Louise and the grandmother of Marie also admired fashion. She makes all her clothes herself and always looks very chique. Her grandmother Louisette learned her how to sow at the age of fourteen and never bought clothes no more. Even her children’s clothes were all handmade. All of MaisonCléo’s clothing pieces are named after these women, or other female family members.

We have to say, it’s not the cheapest brand. But all pieces are handmade and sustainable, so you pay for what you get! They’re also very open about the prizing. As a matter of fact, Marie recently posted a sequence of Instagram stories dedicated to a 250 dollar holiday-themed blouse (picture) where she broke down the cost of the blouse. These days it is hard to find a brand as transparent as MaisonCléo. Also, it’s very, very pretty and totally up our ally.

Take a look at their website here.

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