Instagram authenticity


How to Make Your Instagram Account Look More Authentic

More & more people’s goal in life is becoming an influencer. (Schools should seriously consider adding influencing as a real subject to the program.) We can’t and won’t blame them. Honestly, who doesn’t want to get free stuff every day and maybe even get paid to post about the goodies / trips /…  However (yes, there’s an however), we have a serious remark. For us being an influencer is inextricably linked to being a source of inspiration. And how can you inspire if your Instagram account looks like a dime a dozen? There are just too many profiles out there that are a copy paste and it’s a pity.

Now let’s start with explaining the word authentic: “of dispute origin and not a copy; genuine.”

So before you go all wild with the selfies, outfits, food -and travelgrams it might be interesting to think about who you are and what you like. We know an avocado salad looks great on picture but do you actually like avocado?

Once you figured that out you can start creating an inspiring Instagram profile for yourself. And how to be authentic? That’s up to you… Only remember one thing: when you decide to become an influencer, at least make sure you share content out of passion, not greed. Because otherwise you clearly have no clue what being “an influencer” is all about.

Let’s have a look at some great examples of people who actually manage to inspire.

The funny one

If your most authentic characteristic is having a good sense of humor, you might consider extending the line to Instagram. @averagerob is, if you ask us, a great example of how to be hilarious in an aesthetic way. The guy genuinely makes us laugh with his photoshop skills.

Instagram authenticity


Instagram authenticity


The stylish one

So you’re into fashion and you’d like to share your wardrobe with the world. All good. Just make sure that you create outfits that reflect your personal style so your feed doesn’t look like a copy of the latest Zara lookbook. If you ask us, @eleonoracarisi is one of the best stylish examples on the world wide Instagram.

The tasty one

Honestly, we’re not the best cooks ourselves (ever wondered why we don’t have a food category?). But we do appreciate a good and passionate foodstagram that makes our stomachs growl. Like the posts from @tastyasheck for example.

Instagram authenticity


Instagram authenticity


The wanderlust one

The feed of @michielpieters just transcends #wanderlust. (we’re not the biggest fan of this hashtag by the way so sorry Michiel for using it.) Anyway, he makes us want to leave all our belongings and dive into the deep. We guess that’s what influencing is all about.

The architectural one

Another important category on Instagram are the architecture and deco posts. However not everyone manages to truly get the picture. Ok, we might be slightly high maintenance… If you’re looking for something that the eye actually wants to see, follow @masjiwa. He manages to capture the best architectural masterpieces in and around Singapore in a majestic way.


Instagram authenticity



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