Gladys Ferro

25 Oct 2020
Life & Culture

Manie Mania: Meet the Dutch DJ Redefining Club-Culture Mid-Quarantine

In a world where most of us haven’t seen the inside of a club in over half a year, going out to shake the stress away became a very foreign concept. What started out as washing our hands and checking out an Instagram-livestream every now and then, evolved into a very scary and very lonely year real quick. So where are we supposed to go to get down, dirty, and get a dose of serotonin? Or even get the chance to meet a new lover or two? Insert Deejay Manie, a Dutch-based hip hop DJ who saw COVID-19 canceling all his bookings. But the tech-savvy DJ also saw an opportunity.

It’s 9.59 pm on a Friday, you figured out what to wear, FaceTimed your homegirls, and are ready to dance the night away… at home. Meet Deejay Manie, the Dutch-based DJ who thought bigger, better, and more real than your average Instagram livestream.

The DJ has been hosting a viral, virtual club on streaming-service Twitch where he entertains subscribers from all over the world. And he’s been doing so consistently for the past five months and up to five nights a week. From New Jack Swing to R&b and slow jams to the hottest new tracks. Including a green screen to play the accompanying music videos, with various camera-angles that would make any casting couch jealous. Oh, and a chatroom that gets so crowded and hyped that the moderators have to put it in slow mode every damn stream. And if there’s one thing that crowd and consistency generate, it’s community.

Poppin’ Bottles throwing bits

Twitch has always been a community-based streaming service. A bit more complicated than for example, YouTube or Instagram, but far more supportive for its creators. With easier ways of monetizing content, from subscriptions with different tiers to giving the fans the option of buying bits. (These bits can be used as a form of a tip that directly benefits the creator.)

Somehow Deejay Manie made throwing bits the new poppin’ bottles with some high rollers going as far to throwing amounts that could easily be half my rent. Yes, I’ve counted, yes, I’ve slid in some DM’s, and no, nobody offered to go half on my rent… yet. Mani(e)festing that for 2021. But first, let me dance away all my weekly woes. If it’s up to this DJ, we’re going to end this year how we started it: just fine.

Come meet me at the club on Twitch or follow Deejay Manie on Instagram.

All pictures by Gladys Ferro

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