12 Jul

Mathieu de Ménonville Started his Menswear Label Éditions MR in his Parisian Apartment

On our quest for the next SS18 menswear trends, we discovered Éditions MR, a Parisian-based affordable clothing brand founded by Mathieu de Ménonville. And when we dug a bit deeper that’s when it got interesting. What started as a fashion get-together at Mathieu’s place became an internationally known brand. We love a label with a good story, but his story is so relatable.

About the designer

Mathieu de Ménonville founded Éditions MR from his apartment. Back then he kept it very personal. He invited his friends to his flat-boutique for a drink, but mainly to discover his new creations. As word of mouth started to spread, people started to show up uninvited to his place. After a year of hosting his flat-boutique sessions, he opened his first shop in Haut-Marais.

It’s only in September 2015 that Éditions MR launched its online shop. We discovered this label in May and from there on out our men’s fashion editors developed an obsession for the brand. What makes Éditions MR’s online store so interesting is the effortless fuse between culture, art and fashion.

Éditions MR’s approach to fashion is just different. When Mathieu designs he’s in a carefree atmosphere. Think of a rugged man, living on the edge of casual and something roughed up. Their clothes are travel pals made of fine material, almost looking like vintage. Mathieu even goes further by saying:”Wherever he goes, the Éditions MR man goes through life draped with the carefree attitude of a morning-after-a-night-before, where the smell of cognac and tobacco lingers,” and we love him for that.

Visit Éditions MR online.

Mathieu De Ménonville, founder of Editions MR

Mathieu De Ménonville, founder of Editions MR

A journal of inspiration

Éditions MR is inspiring in many ways. In the way they portray themselves, but also in the way they tell their stories. On the online boutique Mathieu de Ménonville shares his favorite works, books, products, photographs and of course, you can also shop his ready-to-wear collections. There’s a journal page dedicated to all their inspiration related to culture, travels, art and design.

Shopping never felt like home until Éditions MR arrived

Éditions MR’s e-boutique is just enough but not too much. Their clean design and minimalist aesthetic soak in very easily. Besides being easy to navigate, their online shop also suggests possible outfit combinations. We know, other web shops like Mr. Porter, Matches Fashion, Farfetch also offer a selection of the Parisian label. However, Éditions MR presents its clothing in a clean and approachable way. Even their physical store on 10 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire in Paris has a sleek decor. We really need serenity when shopping and that’s what we found on Éditions MR.

What we did miss were better model shots. So for now, we’ll just imagine any other Versace model or Wolverine wearing that piece instead.

Photo credits: Éditions MR


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