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2 Jun

Meet Heterodoxa Vintage and Her Top 5 Designer Items

Heterodoxa Vintage is an online vintage shop by the Belgian Laetitia Jeurissen. If you didn’t know it already, now you do! Her grandparents owned a high-end retail store in Belgium and while customers were searching for pieces in the store, she was in the attic rumbling around the older collections. That’s where her love for vintage started. Now, Laetitia collects designer items like she was born for it! So, we sat down with her and asked Laetitia to share her top five designer items:

1. Brown Alaïa top

“This wrap top from French designer Azzedine Alaïa is from the eighties. It is super sexy and for me an iconic piece! Alaïa is one of my favorite designers. He makes such elegant and powerful pieces. I heard a couple of stories from my grandparents about how he was, and I fell in love with him as a designer and as a person. Apparently, he was quite an introvert and a real artist.”

2. Yellow Mugler suit

“Thierry Mugler is a French designer as well. This suit represents the style of Mugler, which is very feminine. He tried to show all the curves of a woman. A funny anecdote: every year, a funfair woman came with all her change to my grandparents’ store. She had size 52, and she only wore Mugler suits. So, my grandmother bought beforehand all the Mugler suits in size 52, specifically for this woman. I would love to get in touch with her and look into her wardrobe!”

3. Grey Vivienne Westwood dress

“This grey Vivienne Westwood dress has a built-in corset. Westwood is an English designer, and this dress is still from the original stock of my grandparents’ store. So, when it will be sold, I will be a bit emotional. It is also super beautiful when you see it on! (I don’t get why it hasn’t been sold yet?)”

4. Pink Chanel dress

“This dress is from Chanel’s collection in ’96, I guess. It was worn by British model Naomi Campbell, German model Claudia Schiffer, and recently the American actress Alexa Demie from Euphoria also wore the blue version of this dress. In the series, Alexa was walking in a closet, which was filled with the stock of the famous vintage store Elarda Vintage in Los Angeles. It was the time of graffiti prints, and I really like this era of Chanel!”

5. Pink Comme des Garçons Jacket

“This jacket is from the nineties and was shown on the runway of Comme des Garçons. In this jacket, I see myself as an old lady while looking fabulous! I have a weakness for fashionable old ladies.”

For more information, go to Heterodoxa Vintage‘s Instagram.


Photo credits: Heterodoxa Vintage

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