Maxim Meyer-Horn

3 Dec 2020

Meet Shook: The Silk Scarves We All Deserve Right Now

A complimentary accessory is essential to complete a fierce look and elevates your whole fit to the next level. The French-Korean brand Shook established itself with their elegant silk scarves that are 100% handmade. We feasted our eyes while looking at their new sophisticated collection.

The borders between streetwear and high fashion have been vanishing over the last couple of years and showed that the cross-pollination of both worlds could lead to something greater. Shook recognizes this tendency and builds a bridge between streetwear and high end with their timeless silk scarves.

A captivating square

Shook launched their first collection with three models in three colors each. The square shape fabric features captivating patterns with their distinctive logo as a focal point and can be worn around the neck like a scarf, as a belt around your waist, or on the head in a babushka.

Shook wants to pose an alternative to lovers of high-end pieces and streetwear with their qualitative unisex silk scarves by building a bridge between referenced street fashion and more refined fashion, which works based on the nine beautiful available designs. A silk scarf can definitely upgrade your outfit, so what are you waiting for?

The first collection of Shook is available on their webshop.

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