Authentic Beauty Concept haircare


30 Apr

Meet Your New Favorite Hair Care Products: Authentic Beauty Concept

We used to only rely on the short description on the cover of a bottle of shampoo. That in combination with the price/quantity ratio and how much ads we’d seen from the brand on TV. Who ever cared about a thing such as ingredients? We honestly never reflected upon the fact that the parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and silicones might be harmful for our hair and health. It has only been a few years that we started to analyze everything inside the haircare products we use.

Authentic Beauty Concept

Thanks to the rise of relatively small beauty brands, we started to realize that there are other options. More and more honest players have found their way to the market and we can only support this evolution. Recently, we discovered Authentic Beauty Concept, a premium line of vegan haircare products, developed with the “free-form” philosophy.

All Authentic Beauty Concept products are free from parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, artificial colorants and silicones. Pure ingredients have been carefully selected to take care of your hair in a responsible way. Depending on the type of your hair, there are several shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products to choose from.

Date and cinnamon for an extra Glow

The past weeks we’ve been testing the Glow range. It’s a formula made from date and cinnamon extracts that promises to make your colored hair glow. If you’re used to washing your hair with artificial products, it will all feel less smooth as usual. Even when applying the mask, you will really have to comb your hair afterwards. However, it’s all for the best. Your hair feels less greasy, but instead cleaner and healthier afterwards. While using “unhealthy” shampoos it always felt like we needed to switch products after two days because washing our hair had no effect. With a natural, vegan brand like Authentic Beauty Concept that’s all in the past.

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Authentic Beauty Concept haircare
Authentic Beauty Concept haircare
Authentic Beauty Concept haircare
Authentic Beauty Concept haircare
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