20 Dec 2018
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10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

As another year comes to an end, we holler at the ones who have inspired us on Instagram in 2018. We all feel some type of way about social media yet we’re all connected to it. Along the way, there are a few accounts who stick with you, whether it’s a music, fashion or lifestyle profile.

These are ten men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018. We hope they inspire you too.

Marc Forne

Why you should follow him: Marc is a Spanish model and lifestyle blogger whom we fell in love with this year. His effortless style choices and his Alain Delon-looks made our hearts warm every time we came across his pictures online.

Instagram: @marcforne

Marc Forne: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Alton Mason

Why you should follow him: Alton has given us some good vibes this year. He’s a model, he’s humble and true to his style, a good dancer and now part of fashion history. Note that Alton Mason was the first black male model to walk down a Chanel runway. Give the boy his praise because we believe he will crush 2019.

Instagram: @altonmason

Alton Mason: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Simon Nygard

Why you should follow him: A lot of men do high-end fashion, but Simon is one who jumps out from the big crowd. Simon is one of those go-to guys to get inspiration from style-wise. Besides being a style influencer, he’s also a talented photographer and launched his own jewelry line named Simonn.

Instagram: @simonnygard

Simon Nygard: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018


Why you should follow him: Born as Sean John Combs in New York, Diddy uses his social media channels to promote peace and good vibes. The producer gone rapper, known to be a business mogul, also takes the time to share his life experiences and views in a very positive way. Also, his twitter quotes are what you need to help you through the day.

Instagram: @diddy



Diddy: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Nas Daily

Why you should follow him: His genius and massively shared 1-minute videos are the main reason we started following his journey. Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas Daily, shares his 1000 days voyage around the world through his Instagram. Keep in mind that this 26-year-old Palestinian Israeli at a certain point in his life decided to quit his job to go traveling abroad. Now he’s living the life by exploring almost every culture in the world.

We wrote an article about his journey if you want to follow along.

Instagram: @nasdaily

Nas Daily: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Elias Riadi

Why you should follow him: A few years back Elias and his friends started a YouTube channel called PAQ, which is now considered to be the “Top Gear of the street wear scene”. This young, ambitious guy from London started from scratch and now he’s making his own mark in the fashion industry. Read our interview with Elias Riadi to get to know him a little bit better.

Instagram: @eliasriadi

Elias Riadi: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Gregory Robert

Why you should follow him: If there’s a fly guy who is a poster boy for wearing pink it must be Gregory Robert. Though we must say, this Parisian based fashionista, who is also Pigalle’s muse, rocks his flamboyant garments in a very accessible way too. It’s kind of refreshing since men just recently started wearing pink again. We love the movement he is creating.

Instagram: @gogolupin

Robert Gregory: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Marc Goehring

Why you should follow him: Marc is the fashion director of 032C magazine. He’s one of the guys who wore it first. His classic cunty sports looks take the attention of all photographers during fashion week. Nonetheless, he delivers impressive work for the 032C magazine editorials. If you want to know more just follow his hilarious Instagram stories.

Instagram: @marcgoehring

Marc Goehring: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018


Why should you follow him: We would like to say because of his pretty face and perfectly trained body, but there’s more to Andrea Faccio. Photography definitely adds an extra interesting dimension to Andrea’s signature aesthetic. He explores different angles to present himself in a very simple but effective way, which makes his feed so much more interesting to look at.

Instagram: @andreafaccio


Andrea Faccio

Kim Jones

Why you should follow him: Kim Jones is the creative director over at Dior Homme. After exiting Louis Vuitton around January this year, Jones showed his first menswear collection for Dior and it was a debut collection to remember! He’s also the man responsible for their latest electrifying Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection.

Instagram: @mrkimjones

Kim Jones: 10 Men who inspired us on Instagram in 2018

Photo credits: Inès Manai, Instagram, Adam Katz Sinding, GQ, Jonathan Zegbe for Enfnts Terribles

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