Milk & Honey Gin Tel Aviv Israel


25 Mar 2019
Life & Culture

Our Latest Guilty Pleasure: Milk & Honey Spirits, Straight from Tel Aviv

Israel gained worldwide recognition from the food market with renowned chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Moshik Roth and Gal Ben Moshe. And when it comes to wine, the country has proven itself with more than 300 wineries spread from the Golan Heights to the Negev Desert. Only in the liquor business it remained rather quiet, until last year. Since September 2018, Israel’s first-ever whisky distillery Milk & Honey has been exporting its products outside of its own boundaries. 

From Hi-Tech to Spirits

The Milk & Honey distillery was founded in 2013 by Mrs. Gal and Lital Kalkshtein, two hi-tech entrepreneurs that wanted to expand their horizons. Their goal; creating a high quality, single malt Israeli whisky that would stand alongside the world’s leading brands. In order to achieve this objective, late Dr. James Swan was involved in the project. He consulted on all aspects of whisky production for renowned distilleries around the world and was rightly called a whisky legend. Dr. Swan guided the Milk & Honey team throughout the setup process, formulating the recipe, specifying the equipment and selecting the raw materials.

Since 2019, the distillery isn’t only producing whisky but also liquor and single malt gin. Milk & Honey is extremely keen on delivering an honest product. No compromises or shortcuts are acceptable when it comes to the creation of the company’s spirits.

Milk & Honey Gin Tel Aviv Israel

What’s Your Flavor?

In total, Milk & Honey has four different products in its offer. Two types of single malt, two types of gin and a herbal liquor. All of them produced in the company’s specialized distillery, based in Tel Aviv.

Our favorites? The Levantine Single Malt Gin, which is perfect for a good old G&T and the Triple Cask Young Single Malt. This is a blend of three casks; an ex-bourbon barrel and two ex-red wine casks at different levels of charring, balancing and refining the different flavors.

The Triple Cask Young Single Malt, Levantine Single Malt Gin, Oak Aged Levantine Gin and Roots Herbal Liquor are for sale in Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. You can find the points of sale via this link. Soon Milk & Honey will also be available in the United States and Germany.

Milk & Honey Gin Tel Aviv Israel
Milk & Honey Gin Tel Aviv Israel
Milk & Honey Gin Tel Aviv Israel


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