mimi webb interview james bond theme song

Mira Van Lierop

13 May

Mimi Webb: “I Would Love to Do the James Bond Theme Song”

The UK-based singer-songwriter Mimi Webb (aka Amelia Webb) has been making waves ever since she went viral on TikTok with her debut single “Before I Go”. And with her latest single “Good Without”, she’s more than ready to dominate the charts. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Mimi Webb about her journey into singing, the emotional meaning behind her latest single, and her dream to sing the James Bond theme song.

We have to ask: how have you been holding up during the lockdown?

Yeah, I’ve actually really enjoyed it. At the start, I freaked out because your whole routine goes up in the air, but as I got through it and started to do the Zooms and get into the routine of it, I absolutely loved it. It was so nice to take the time to hone into me—give me the time of day and not be rushing around all the time. Yeah, it was good. 

Now your debut EP is set to release later this year. How’s it been writing and finishing up your debut EP in a lockdown because I can imagine that’s quite difficult?

It was at the start because I was in and out of the studio and didn’t think there was any other way of writing. Then when Zoom got involved, and that kind of started to become the pandemic trend, all of us songwriters got into it. I loved writing on Zoom, and I wrote “Good Without” on it at the start of this year. Zoom became like my go-to thing. But to get music videos down and photoshoots, that was a nightmare for quite a while, but finally, things are starting to look better in the UK. We’ve been doing a few bits, which is great.

So, I know that your piano teacher was the one that told you to do something with singing. How do you go from a teacher telling you to do something to actually making it your profession?

I took piano lessons—just to get the base of it down—because I love songwriting, and I knew that was something that I’d need to be able to do on the piano. In my first ever lesson, I played “Someone like you” by Adele, and then I was like, “Oh, I can sing as well if you want me to?” ’Cause, normally, I’m so used to singing it when I play it, and he was like, “Yeah go on then!” So I was singing away, playing, and he said, “You need to really do this!” And I think when you are at that age, ‘cause I was thirteen when that happened, you’re so young, you don’t know how to get into it. It’s all very daunting, and you don’t really know what to do. There was that kind of edge of how do I do this?

He was like: “You need to do it! Go to music school, start there, and find a way.” He was really inspirational, saying you got to work hard to put yourself into every corner, every position you can to get out there and to do it. I felt really confident because of that, and since then, I’ve never stopped. That was my mission, my life’s mission. Even at school, I was like, “Right get my grades, get my exam results, and get out of my hometown, go to music school.” I was sixteen when I went to my music school. I was just on a mission.

mimi webb interview james bond theme song

Now speaking of writing music, you’ve been writing music for about six years now. What’s your writing process like, and has it changed over the years?

Yeah, a hundred percent. I very much am a learner of watching people. Going in and out of so many different sessions with different songwriters and collaborating with people, it kind of built up this writing portfolio. But I remember at the start, it was all quite scary because you walk in and they’re like strangers—you’ve never met these people before—but you walk in, and it’s like, “Right, let’s write a song together!” Getting into that routine was quite hard at the start, but once you keep pushing and doing it, I finally got into a rhythm.

I’ve always loved singing melodies. Trying to put the pieces together has always been my main thing that I absolutely love doing and then obviously go in and do the lyrics. But sometimes, when you’re singing a melody, the lyric comes with it, at the same time. My style of writing is always fixing how I feel in the day—feel the room—no pressure and just enjoy the flow of it. 

Where do you take inspiration from when writing a song? 

I’ve always loved the goosebumps feel to music. Adele, Amy Sandé, and Sam Smith: I’ve always got that impactful goosebumps reaction when I’ve heard their music, and that was always what I wanted out of my music. That’s always been my goal, and I’m finding a place where I do feel like I’m producing that kind of music that’s making me feel that way. But it took a while to get there because you end up being inspired by loads of different things. 

You previously listed Adele and Amy Winehouse as your biggest musical influences, is there goosebump music what makes them so great to you?

Oh, one thousand percent. Their voice and the lyrics that they write, when they sing, you can feel what they’re feeling. It’s all in the vocal performance, and that is the real delivery of a song. If you can make someone feel goosebumps, that’s incredible. I just think that’s music all over.

mimi webb interview james bond theme song

To switch gears for a moment, your first single “Before I Go” became massively popular on TikTok, and you’re not the only artist that’s been gaining a lot of fame because of the app. Do you think that TikTok is a game-changer for artists?

One hundred percent! Yeah, totally! I remember at the start: I wasn’t too sure because it just started to lift off with lockdown. There’s a lot of dancing on it—people use it for a lot of different things. But the last few months, it’s become a place where new artists can share their feelings in their songs, do videos for it, and tease the songs. All of that kind of stuff. I’ve done all that and taken the opportunity into my own hands.  

That’s a massive piece of advice as well: TikTok is a way you can get to anyone. People in the industry watch the app, you know because they think it’s amazing what you can do with it. It’s kind of like YouTube, isn’t it? YouTube was the place to go when you wanted to do a cover—so many new artists were found on there. TikTok now: you can go on, and you can do an eight-second video, and it can blow up. It’s so crazy how it works. You never know what will work and what doesn’t, so it’s great because you can try again, and again, and again. There’s no pressure. (laughs)

Another song of yours, that you recently released, is “Good Without”, which is an absolutely beautiful song. What made you write it?

I had a heartbreak situation a few years back, and I felt like I never got to say everything I felt within that breakup. 2021 kicked in, and I’ve gone through these whole few months of realization, and I’m so happy I’m doing what I love. 

At the start of the year, I felt like there were things that I wanted to say for myself—for the closure—and to kind of shut that chapter, so being able to write “Good Without” was incredible. It was only written a few months ago, so it’s so great to get that out as quickly as we did. Yeah, I just felt I didn’t say everything I wanted to say. I’m so glad I have now. I’ve put it out there, and finally, I feel closure. It’s a chapter of my life that was very sore—not the nicest—but it’s been turned into a positive.

mimi webb interview james bond theme song

That’s great to hear! You’re only at the beginning of your career, so what’s something that you want to achieve down the line?

I’d love to do the James Bond theme song! I’d love to get the opportunity to write it and then also perform it and sing it. That’s always been one of my top goals. It’s so hard as well because sometimes I’m like, “Yeah, Grammy’s!” and everyone is like, “Oh my gosh, she’s going for it!” (laughs) I just want to release as much music as I can, get people to know me, and doing all the shows. I’m so excited to get on the stage! Obviously, I haven’t performed any of my songs, so I’m so excited to do that. I’m looking forward to meeting people as well, being at the shows, and being able to see people performing my lyrics and singing them to me.

You just said that you’re looking forward to performing, is performing in the cards for you, and what else can fans expect of you this year?

Lots of performing, lots of shows, and some appearances: you know, whatever opportunities come! Just a lot of content. We were just filming loads of bits and bobs—bits and bobs that’s such a me-thing to say (laughs)—and yeah, just lots of stuff. I’m really excited to get it all out. 

Photo credits: Mimi Webb

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