8 Feb

MISBHV Wants You to Revamp Your Signature Style

Figuratively speaking, at the Enfnts Terribles HQ, our heads are in the east. While New York’s most creative designers are showing their latest pieces on the runways. We are still thinking of possible ways to wear the gutsy MISBHV men’s collection.


Fall/Winter 2017

On February 4th MISBHV released their fall/winter 2017 menswear lookbook demonstrating possible combinations. This time the Polish streetwear leading the scene left nothing to chance.

As we talked about recently in a previous article. With every collection, we become bigger fans without fully having to put our precious wallets in jeopardy again. But you’ll see, it’s worth every penny!

Still on the radar

You know your brand is on the radar when Rihanna performs in it, Cara Delevingne & Jourdan Dunn wore it and Kendall Jenner flaunts it in the streets of wherever she’s being a model slash public figure.

In conclusion, by next fall MISBHV is taking post-Cold war cool meets avant-garde luxury to a level further. By adding wide-leg pants, puffer jackets, velvet and red accents to the compilation.

Photo credits: Nowfashion, Rihanna Style


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