More 90s please: the return of the waist bags


27 May

More 90s please: the return of the waist bags

This latest trend from the 90s has guys around the world going wild. However, it was in front of us all this time. You might – or not – remember your dad wearing one of his favorite waist bags on a family trip. Well, now more than ever it is time to secure a place in your closet for this lifesaving accessory.

The nineties is what’s trending now

At the Enfnts Terribles HQ, we call them waist bags, while others also know it as a fanny pack. However you label it, they are nothing new.

Nowadays, the more “nineties” you are, the better. And as true members of the 90s revival movement, we saw it evolve into a true lifestyle. But then again we never really thought our parents’ most precious travel accessory would make this big of a comeback. On the other hand, men in need of a petite, functional and easy-to-carry side bag is a worldwide normality.

Though it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, Gucci, Louis x Supreme, The North Face, Herschel or whatever. Because as we speak, this accessory is the new trendy summer staple that underwent a serious image upgrade.

How to wear waist bags

By the summer, we predict to see more fanny packs on the streets casually hung around the upper body. That’s the way our favorite street fashionistas around the world are wearing it. And the amenity is that you – and all of your belongings – will make it home safe. Nothing lost!

Photo credit: Hypebeast, The Fader

More 90s please: the return of the waist bags

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