Mr Right or a Mr Right Now?

Women subconsciously still like breeding and therefore they go looking for a guy that’s suitable for “the job”. So once they meet “Mr Right”, they officially start thinking long-term. Even if that person totally doesn’t fit their personality. Ok, we’re totally generalizing here but sometimes that’s necessary to make a statement. Our point actually is: what the hell is wrong with having a little toyboy of your own? You know, that 10 year younger guy who still has a refreshing view on life and doesn’t whine about the fact that he suffered a heartbreak 4 years ago.

Just think about Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls just wanna have fun”. Things don’t always need to become too serious or emotional. When you bump into Mr Right and everything goes as planned, good for you. But if not, don’t waste too much time on a guy who’s not your match. Go out with your friends, have some drinks and just seduce that good looking creature at the bar. The only little detail you have to take into account is to make sure he doesn’t hopelessly fall in love with you. Be straight forward from the beginning to avoid unnecessary drama.

5 characteristics a Mr Right Now should own

– Age doesn’t really matter, loads of sex appeal is a must.

– He has to be absolutely NOT interesting, otherwise you feel a true connection and the same old story starts over and over again.

– His naked body has to remind you of Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. (specifically in that one scene, yes!)

You must be able to speak a few words in the same language. It can be really helpful, just for practical reasons.

It’s great if he just has a notion of humor and romance. Let’s say he has to know the basics on how to treat a woman.

Photo credits: Teen Vogue, Bestmalemodels


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