Must-Watch: 5 YouTube Series That Will School You On Prejudices


Must-Watch: 5 YouTube Series That Will School You On Prejudices

While browsing through horrifying clips about police brutality, the extinction of the Blue Whale, all kinds of conspiracy theories, Kardashian gossips and the Brexit, we stumbled upon educational but very addictive YouTube videos. We were astounded by how respectful people with a completely different background can share their personal experiences. And now we’re addicted! So if you’re looking for videos that will school and inform you about prejudices against other communities and ethnicities. You need to watch these five YouTube series. Scroll down to watch our favorite webisodes.


Jubilee Media, founded by Jason Y. Lee, initially started making videos in 2010 to raise money for charity. Today, they’re creating weekly videos that bridge people together and inspire love. In other words, throughout time, they’ve created a community for human good. Thank God for Jubilee for giving us a platform to connect on a deeper level, challenge and empathize with one another and share vulnerability. All of this in a very engaging, funny, honest and respectful way.

That is what Spectrum is all about. It’s a series revealing the spectrum of beliefs within a specific group. In this webisode, six black men and women discuss a series of statements that shows that not all black people think the same. Just as not all transgenders, pornstars, teens or Christians think the same.

Middle Ground

In a divided nation, we need a YouTube series like Middle Ground that seeks to show that we as humans are capable of being united and finding our shared experiences. We suggest you watch this YouTube series in order to push forward the values of radical empathy, thinking different, and love in action.

On Middle Ground, two different groups of people with a very different background gather to discuss all kinds of confronting statements linked to their beliefs.


Dating has never been so mysterious. All of these videos have one thing in common, they all make us wonder what we would’ve done if we were in the same situation.

In this episode of Versus, a girl called Jisu is up for a speed date with ten guys without seeing them. Every round of question she needs to eliminate a few guys until she finds her “prince charming”. With whom she may willingly go on a date with.

Watch the video to see whom she’ll pick out of the ten guys.

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out, a series of YouTube videos produced by Jubilee Media, is pure entertainment. Every episode Odd Man Out puts seven people in a room and one of them is an intruder. During the episode, the participants have one mission: finding “the mole”, in order to win a money prize. If the mole is still amongst the crowd at the end, he or she goes home with the money prize.

In this episode, six Christians must find their mole, who is a secret atheist, among them.

Watch the video to find out who is the Atheist mole among the six Christians.

Line Up

The next online content creator is Cut, their specialty is spreading fun, serious and real stories, bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

One of their series is called Lineup. It’s a series of YouTube videos where the guests are confronted with awkward assumptions and judgments. In every episode, Lineup invites a bunch of guests to guess one stranger’s income, job, sexual orientation, who is the best kisser, etc. Trust us when we say their topics are super interesting. You’ll be surprised how judgmental we can be towards others. Plus, don’t freak out if you recognize yourself in one of the judgmental guests.

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