On Our Shopping List: Straight-leg Jeans


24 Aug

These New Arrivals Should Be On Your Shopping List Right Now

Summer will be over soon. It’s sad but true! However, we’re still dedicated to making it as memorable as possible. But at the same time, we are kind of happy that fall season is coming around. Just realizing that within these next 2 months we’ll be needing an entirely new wardrobe, is a bit frightening though. Because mentally, we’re not ready to let go of the summer. And that counts for many of us. So that’s why we made a shopping list in order to be prepared for a brand new season. Think seasonal must-haves and ready-to-wear trends like big coats, reconstructed denim, knitted tops and winterized caps.

Black athleisure wear

Thanks to the athleisure trend you can wear your joggers and sneakers everywhere now. You can wear it to work and some clubs overlook it. Simply because it is cut out like a classic dressed pants. Whether it’s Gucci or not, the guys on the streets already picked up on this runway trend. And they’re most likely to wear with designer sneakers. We went for Balenciaga of course.

Balenciaga shoes – GUCCI track pants

All kind of colorful tops

This shopping list is not purely a list of garments to flaunt your style. In fact, these fall 2017 clothing pieces will prep you for those unpredictable days. Whether it’s rainy or just cold outside, being packed in warm heavy tops with a cup of hot chocolate is always a good idea. So we selected 4 items that we believe will definitely do the job.

Neil Barrett sweater – OFF-WHITE shirt – Raf Simon sweater – OFF-WHITE hoodie

Straight-leg jeans

Any given season asks for denim. During the summer a lot of us have this habit of cutting short their jeans if somehow denim shorts are nowhere to be found. For now, you get to keep them but by the time fall hits, you’ll be wishing you already had copped a pair. At the Enfnts Terribles HQ, we got over skinny jeans for men by now. Au contraire, we’re pretty sure a straight-leg cut looks even better on guys.

On Our Shopping List: Straight-leg Jeans

GUCCI  pants – Martine Rose pants – Editions M.R pants

Winter caps

What makes fashion so exciting is that any garment can be resurrected and become an it-item for several seasons. Just like the return of the dad caps, which is still happening by the way. Anyways, in combination with the pieces above you have a lot to think about. So we’ll leave you to it.

GUCCI cap – Larose beret hat – Larose  cap

Photo credits: Matches Fashion


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