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We’re Excited About the New Book of Humans of New York and You Should Be Too

The widely popular blog, Facebook and Instagram page ‘Humans of New York’ by photographer Brandon Stanton gets its third book, ‘Humans’, on 6 October 2020. Here’s why we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

It all started in 2010 when American photographer Brandon Stanton began a photo project about regular people on the streets of New York. Initially, he wanted to just photograph 10.000 New Yorkers, but eventually, Stanton did not only take portrait photos of passersby but also captured a piece of their lives by doing short interviews and including quotes and short stories.

Audience of millions

His way of storytelling was so compelling, that he quickly gained an audience of millions all over the world. Today, Humans of New York has more than 18 million likes on Facebook and more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

In October 2013, Stanton released his first book based on the blog, titled Humans of New York. His second book Humans of New York: Stories, was released two years later. It focused more on the stories than the images.

Photo by St. Martin's Press

An intimate portrait of humanity

With this success, Stanton broadened his view and started traveling the world. For instance, in August 2015, he traveled to Iraq and Iran to capture the lives of citizens there. The same year, he toured through Europe to portray the many refugees from the Middle East. For five years, he traveled across continents and borders, from Ukraine to Pakistan and Uganda and a lot of countries in between. His new book Humans is all about those travels.

Although the places and faces will vary on each page, the stories will resonate with readers worldwide, as Stanton beautifully creates an intimate portrait of humanity by highlighting all the experiences, feelings, and fears we share.

We get a glimpse into other people’s minds, which creates a feeling of solidarity. Therefore, these stories have the power to make us more tolerant of each other, and we could really use some more tolerance and acceptance these days.

Besides, with the coronavirus still breathing down our necks, this book is the ideal way to travel the world without the risk of catching COVID-19 along the way. It’s a chance to learn more about countries, cultures, and lives, in the comfort of your sofa.

Photo on top by Humans of New York

Photo by Brandon Stanton

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