15 May

New Pop Duo PROMIS3 Releases Debut Single ‘Losing Our Connection’

Pop culture is a bright, colorful and sometimes eccentric world. No wonder that the new Belgian pop duo PROMIS3 fits perfectly in that world, because their debut single embodies everything we want from a fresh and modern pop act.

PROMIS3 is the project of singer and creative brain Brent Dielen and pop producer Andras Vleminckx, who felt an immediate connection when they met. Today, they dropped their first single “Losing Our Connection” and we’re happy to introduce this bop to you.

“Losing Our Connection” is a powerful debut that showcases the creativity of both artists. With haunting electro sounds and smart produced vocals, we can confirm that their first single  sounds like a possible hit. The hooks and chorus are so addictive that it keeps your ears open and the replay button is doing overtime. Not bad for a first impression, right?

Color, neon and sex

The music video of “Losing Our Connection” is even more impressive than the single. Making a contrast between two worlds, a neon world and a romantic world full of flowers. They certainly know how to set an atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The romance that is building up in the video is real visual poetry and makes you feel it from start to end. Love is truly in the air and that gives the video an authentic touch. We can’t get enough of it and we’re sure you won’t either.

PROMIS3 will release their debut EP Like trying to land on a cloud on June 5th. The debut single “Losing Our Connection” is out now on all streaming services.

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