7 Aug

More 90s please: Nike Air Max Tn Sneakers Are Taking Over the Street Scene Again

The biggest fans amongst us, probably our British mates, know these Nike Air Max Tn runners have been around for a long time. But after years of being under the radar, they finally resurfaced this summer. On top of that, the guys on the streets picked up on it pretty fast. Since the 90’s revival trend is still going on, those epic sports shoes with an exoskeleton structure are here stay. And they won’t to go nowhere any time soon.

History keeps repeating itself

First, let us refresh your memory. Back in 1998 when the first Air Max Tn model was introduced, people went mad crazy for it. You saw Air Max Tn kicks everywhere around. Before everybody else, our the UK, France and Eastern-Europe lads were head over heels for this model. Since they kind of wore it a certain way, paired with a tracksuit, a simple white tee and a cap, it later became an identification mark for many underground subcultures. That’s partly the reason why they became such a cult item. Today that same old garment got a makeover and became one of our favorite statement shoes. There´s no stopping it! No matter how you wear them, old way or new way, them tough looking Air Max Tn sneakers are surely making their way back.

It wouldn’t be the 1st time that the American footwear company made a shoe this epic, take the Air Max 97. In Nike’s defense, they did warn us earlier this year, around February. Back then they announced the comeback of the 90s-inspired sneakers in several colorways. Ready to conquer back its position on the street scene, this new edition shoe got a crisp look. New mesh, newly advanced sole and multiple colors.

Photo credits: Life Without Andy, Pinterest, Hypebeast


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