16 May

Nike Collaborates with Matthew M. Williams from Alyx and Nick Knight

In the sign of evolution and experimentation, Nike just announced a new training collection with American designer Matthew M. Williams from breakout label Alyx. Williams used his unique aesthetic and his eye for utility to design a series of training shirts, trousers and accessories for men and women. A human touch to a data-driven series, portrayed by the one and only Nick Knight.

Nike has been on a roll lately by dropping some of the most historic collaborations between artists, designers and roll models. This one might just fit in the list of iconic things in 2018. The sports brand is collaborating with Matthew M. Williams, the mastermind behind Alyx. To push the boundaries of comfort, design and functionality in training gear, Williams is trying to give a human touch to a data-driven series. “In the space of training, the aesthetic is 100 percent informed by a garment’s purpose,” says Kurt Parker, the Vice President of Nike’s Apparel Design.

The future of design

The collection started from the A.A.E capsule Nike launched last year. A collection which visualizes the future, by using data to optimize the impact of sports gear. “What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design,” says Williams. He says it helps him create clothing which stimulates the person wearing it. And it offers a different perspective to the world of design. Although data offers new opportunities in fashion, it still needs the mind of a designer to make it fashion. Williams combined a perfect technological design with raw finishing touches in the fabrics, to give it a human touch.

The art of photographs

 To portray the designs and collection in the right way, Williams and Nike decided to work with Nick Knight on a series of photographs. The photographs, more like art, are a perfect resemblance to the aesthetic in the collection of Williams. From tight black and white photographs with heavy shadow lines and unrecognizable faces, to layers of light and dark with bodies all over the image. The vibe Nike, Williams and Knight are trying to bring together in a series of photographs and training collection, could just as easily be found in a museum.


The complete collection, clothing and accessories, will be released July 12.


Photo Credit: Nick Knight


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